Renault must return quickly if it wants to fight for the third of constructors

The team Renault lost his position in the constructors’ championship after poor performance in the past Turkish GP. The rivals with whom he has disputed for that position, Racing Point, McLaren Y Ferrari they obtained a very good harvest. Leaving the French team in fifth place with 136 points, 18 below the Canadian team and … Read more

Laufenburg: All credits approved – only 70 people entitled to vote worked off long agenda items quickly

Laufenburg Details Category: Laufenburg Published: November 21, 2020 (mw) The Laufenburg voters had to complete a mammoth program. No less than 20 businesses were on the agenda. All were approved. Among them are loans in the millions. Overall, there were few discussions. Of a total of 2002 eligible voters, only 70 were present (an absolute … Read more

Microsoft and Adobe say their apps will adapt quickly to Apple M1

Apple surprised the world after confirming that its new line of computers for 2020 onwards will no longer have Intel processors and will adopt its own chip created by the company based on the architecture ARM. The first problem with such a change lies with the software, but Adobe Y Microsoft they have already spoken … Read more

Yearn Finance ‘quickly mitigates’ the blitzkrieg attack vector

According to a spread By Yearn Finance, a security researcher recently discovered a flash loan attack vector, before being solved by Yearn’s security team. A potential vulnerability was mitigated around 1.5 hours after it was reported by Wen-Ding Li through Yearn’s Security vulnerability disclosure process on October 29, 2020. It was also revealed that through … Read more

Mario Kart’s music would be the new trick to quickly finish tasks that were left to the last minute

We all have different methods of studying and while there are those who prefer silence there are also people who create complete playlists designed to help them concentrate. But while in general terms it would be easy to believe that study music tends to be relaxed, a new internet trend points to the opposite. As … Read more

How to quickly select on iPhone and iPad with a gesture

If we usually carry out an action repeatedly and often cumbersome, it is usually very useful to have a shortcut or trick to solve it more comfortably. It occurs, for example, with today’s trick, which allows you to select multiple items on iPhone and iPad without having to press several buttons and directly. Some will already know it, for others it will be unnecessary and for others it will be almost like discovering a new universe.

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“We have to find clarity quickly”

RELATED VIDEO – Chilean laboratory develops new PCR technique (13:51) This Wednesday, the representative of the World Health Organization in Chile, Fernando Leanes, recommended that the debate on the count of deaths from COVID-19 by the Minsal. The health authorities had explained the low number of deaths (19) in the balance of this Tuesday as … Read more

WHO warns of the dangers of lifting quarantines too quickly

The World Health Organization highlighted today that lifting quarantines and other restrictions taken by countries affected by COVID-19 must be done gradually and controlled, since the phase of decline in cases “can be as dangerous as the ascent if it is not managed properly. “ “Some countries are already planning the transition from confinements and … Read more

WHO warns of a “deadly outbreak” if the lockdown is lifted too quickly | Economy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted this Friday that lifting the quarantines and other restrictions taken by countries affected by Covid-19 must be done gradually and controlled, because otherwise there can be a “deadly outbreak.” “Some countries are already planning the transition from confinements and the WHO, like all, wants these restrictions to end, … Read more