Christmas quiz: Show how well you know the most popular Czech fairy tales

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and that means the TV will soon be flooded with fairy tales. And although new and new ones are created all the time, they are rarely able to compete with the already established ones. It is interesting that many of us have fairy tales associated with Christmas … Read more

Son Heung-min’s father Son Woong-jeong “I’m a third-class soccer player, my prime = signal to go down” (‘You Quiz’)

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] Soccer player Son Heung-min’s father, Son Woong-jeong, appears on ‘You Quiz’. At the end of tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 7th, a preview of Son Woong-jung’s appearance was revealed. Son Heung-min’s father and soccer teacher, Son Woong-jeong, was also a former soccer player. But Son Woong-jung described … Read more

“Even the sky is indifferent”…’You Quiz’ performer who uploaded 15,000 wedding couples for free, tearful current situation

tvN The sad situation of grandfather Baek Nak-sam, who sponsored free weddings for 15,000 couples in need for 55 yearsThis has been released and is making many netizens’ hearts cry. Baek Nak-sam (91) and Choi Pil-soon (81) couple have been running wedding halls in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do since 1967. Free weddings for prospective couples in needhave … Read more

Quiz: Do you know the capitals of the 16 countries that have qualified for the playoffs of the soccer championship? | Life

Published on 12/03/2022, 20:01 This time it’s everyday 15min the test is related to football. And geography. In the test, you will see pictures of the capitals of 16 countries whose teams have qualified for the playoffs of the World Cup, and you will have to know the capitals. Senegal team fans / Imago / … Read more

Comprehensive Son Seok-gu Worked as a salesperson with his grandfather’s company in Canada Actor Debut You Quiz

Photo = tvN ‘You Quiz’ broadcast screen. Actor Son Seok-gu told the turbulent story from an art student studying abroad to becoming an actor. In the tvN entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘You Quiz’), which aired on the 30th, it was featured as a special feature of ‘My Research … Read more

Index – FOMO – Advent began with a marriage prediction

The first Sunday of Advent is the Sunday closest to St. Andrew’s Day, November 30, usually between November 27 and December 3. According to folk tradition, this day marks the approach of Advent, in the past it was a day for predicting husbands, so it was celebrated with folk customs in many places (prediction from … Read more

Take the quiz about him and his songs here

How well do you know the cult singer? Take the quiz about Mani Matter and his well-known songs here “I lit a match”, “Hemmige”, “De Sidi Abdel Assar vo El Hama”: There is hardly a German-speaking Swiss who cannot sing a few lines from Mani Matter right away. On the 50th anniversary of his death … Read more

[QUIZ] How well do you know the flu?

Even though COVID-19 has been a big part of our lives for over two years, the flu still exists. If it is intended to be benign for many, it is accompanied by the risk of serious complications for certain more vulnerable people. Hence the importance of protect yourself well. How well do you know the … Read more

Soccer Quiz | Countries that have participated in at least one World Cup

The FFL Sport Quiz: Find all the countries that have participated at least once in the World Cup (2022 included) It’s almost time. In the middle of November, the 2022 World Cup will soon begin in an absolutely exceptional atmosphere. We’re kidding. But, if you’re not excited yet, maybe you were when previous editions. Of … Read more

Test your knowledge of the 2006 World Cup and meet former Devils on November 20 in Durbuy (Quiz)

Zinédine Zidane left the world of football as a player in a huge turn of events. His famous whim addressed to Marco Materazzi, in a final where he had also scored a panenka on penalty, will remain in the annals. The last dance of a genius number 10, who had particularly shone against Brazil in … Read more