How to Change 10GB Free TikTok Tri Quota to Main Quota. Hurry, Check Now!

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Get 10GB Free TikTok Quota? Here’s How To Change Indosat’s TikTok Quota Into The Main Quota

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The Ministry of Education and Culture’s Internet Quota Assistance is Disbursed until December, but Can’t Access This Application

Mendikbudristek Nadiem Makarim stated that the provision of internet quota assistance was extended until December 2021, but the quota amount was reduced (10/12/2021). (Source: KOMPAS.COM/KRISTIANTO PURNOMO) JAKARTA, COMPASS.TV– Internet quota assistance for students and education from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), was extended until December 2021. However, the amount of internet … Read more

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It’s cold!World preliminaries intercontinental finals Asian matchup against South America 0.5 places, the national football team is completely hopeless

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World pre-European playoffs 12 teams: Portugal, Soviet Union, Italy, Russia and Ruiwei play home for the first round of seeded team_places

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Pensions, battle on Quota 102: CGIL and Lega against the government

Only 10 thousand beneficiaries of Quota 102-104 in the next two years. The CGIL makes the calculations and rejects the proposal on government pensions, designed to smooth the staircase created by the end of Quota 100, the advance to 62 years with 38 contributions. “A useless measure, it would not give any answer”, says Roberto … Read more