Italian fighters take off – Libero Quotidiano

Password: do not fall into the provocations of Vladimir Putin. This is the line dictated by NATO at its headquarters in Brussels, inviting everyone not to respond to Russian threats. The latest concerning the use of atomic weapons. Yet despite caution, the Atlantic Alliance does not intend to be caught unprepared. Among the moves designed … Read more

Center-right, late rally and tense faces? Here’s what happened – Libero Quotidiano

The center-right has met. Appointment in Piazza del Popolo in the late afternoon of Thursday 22 September. Here, in Rome, there are many people waiting to see Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini e Silvio Berlusconi. They wait and wait, because the three leaders are late. “What should I tell you? They will come,” he comments Maurizio … Read more

shocked autumn, what will happen – Libero Quotidiano

As expected, autumn has begun. Italy can definitely say goodbye to high temperatures and sunny days. Confirmation comes from the meteorologist Mario Giuliacci, which heralds a weekend of instability. It will begin on Saturday 24 September, when – explains the Colonel – “the rain will wet the whole North and, further down, especially starting in … Read more

“Italians, get ready” – Libero Quotidiano

Andrea Margelletti launches a very heavy warning. The Russian president Vladimir Putin it is far from weak. “The nuclear risk it’s real and very strongin this moment we need a posture of total rigor “, he explains in an interview with the news agency LaPresse. The president of the Center for International Studies, commenting on … Read more

a tsunami will overwhelm Italy – Libero Quotidiano

The Federal Bank see “signs of recession that multiply “and provides that the GDP of Germania it will decrease in the third and fourth quarters of this year and in the first quarter of next year. The fear, if not the certainty, is the German collapse is the appetizer of an economic-financial tsunami destined to … Read more

bomb in the urn – Libero Quotidiano

Roberto Formigoni September 19, 2022 What influence does foreign policy have on the elections, and on the subsequent behavior of the new government? A lot, it has always had a lot of it, even if the Italians know little about it and are not interested in it. But there was a time (the second post-war … Read more

what emerges from the past of the Democratic Party – Libero Quotidiano

Sandro Iacometti September 19, 2022 Legambiente has kept the account. From January to September 2022 Italy has already been hit by 62 floods (including floods from intense rains), compared to 88 in the whole of 2021. Which, it must be said, does not even demonstrate a great trend towards progression. But experts assure us that … Read more

“Desperate left, I expect everything before the vote” – Libero Quotidiano

On the day of the meeting in Pontida, and after the hard question and answer at a distance with Mario Draghihere it is Matteo Salvini sounds the charge in an interview granted to QN. An interview in which he talks about his plans, his hypothetical future government, replies to the accusations that rained seamlessly in … Read more