Republicans attack Biden’s “socialist and radical left”. Haley: “We are not racist”

Trump surprisingly opens the republican convention: “We will win if there is no fraud” CHARLOTTE – Abraham Lincoln, the fallen Americans, the workers, the challenge in space. The narrative voice of Jon Voight. On the evening that opened the republican convention, one of the most anticipated speeches was that of Nikki Haley, 48, for nineteen … Read more

The radical change of look of Sandra, the remembered “villain” of the third season of “MasterChef” | TV and Show

Among the followers of MasterChef Chile, Sandra Inostroza is remembered as one of the most unforgiving “villains” on the cooking show. Her acid comments, the tense relationship with her teammates, the animosity towards them and the varied friction she had with some of the judges, outlined her from the beginning as one of the most … Read more

Men Allegedly from Radical Groups Had ‘Selfie’ Photos Before Committing Terrorism

BERLIN, – The man is supposedly from the group radical and caused a series of accidents on Berlin known to have taken a ‘selfie’ photo three hours before committing his act of terror. The man who is currently identified as Sarmad A, is 30 years old and originally from Iraq. He is accused of … Read more

Radical change. This will be the new Nissan Qashqai that arrives in Spain

A great event is coming for Nissan. The Japanese brand works tirelessly on the third generation of the Qashqai, the flagship of the Japanese brand since it launched the first model in the range of the SUV medium in 2007. Its presentation is not scheduled for the end of this year. And its arrival at … Read more

Ferrari drivers not happy despite Silverstone’s radical approach

20:54 – The Ferrari drivers have little confidence that the 2020 Formula 1 season will be easier for the Scuderia at Silverstone. After a difficult Friday, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel determine that they will have a hard time in the British Grand Prix. Ferrari went wrong this year with the new SF1000 and is … Read more

Coronavirus in Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro extended the radical quarantine in Caracas and six other states due to the growth of infections

A store employee takes a woman’s temperature as a precaution against the coronavirus on Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Caracas, Venezuela. (AP Photo / Matías Delacroix)Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro announced Sunday that a radical quarantine will be held in the capital Caracas and six other states as part of a renewed effort to curb the … Read more

Coronavirus | Venezuela sets record of COVID-19 infections despite “radical quarantine”

Venezuela registered this Thursday 449 new infections of the COVID-19, which marked a record of daily cases despite the “radical quarantine” that the Government of Nicolás Maduro to stop the chain of infections, reported the vice president of the Caribbean country, Delcy Rodríguez. “We have to report 438 cases of community transmission,” Rodríguez said in … Read more

Jean-Luc Reichmann “12 strokes of noon” takes a huge turn with this radical decision!

Jean-Luc Reichmann and the production of Twelve noon shots announces great news for the return to school which risks disappointing a large number of fans of the show, but which the famous host of TF1 fully and fully assumes in order to protect everyone! While the pandemic crisis in the covid-19 had shut down the … Read more

Manifesto against checkout culture: ‘Don’t let the debate be hijacked by radical screamers’ | Inland

Bart Collard and Raisa Blommestijn wrote a Manifesto for the Free Word. “For the least or least you are called ‘racist’.” Ⓒ Anko Stoffels Leiden – In a Manifesto for the Free Word, some ninety Dutch and Flemish academics, opinion makers and politicians turn against the culture of payment. The free word is under pressure … Read more