The “constitutional” decision to cancel Feng’s prosecution and dedicate it to a purely political dignitary

The owner of the Third Lebanese Republic Initiative, Omar Harfoush, commented on the developments related to the appeals, writing: “The Constitutional Council’s decision to annul Ramy Feng’s prosecution and dedicate it to Faisal Karami is purely political. The Council admitted that it no longer sorted all the boxes, which means that it stopped at the … Read more

autopartsleb participates in the international exhibition “Automechanika

autopartsleb participated in the international exhibition Automechanika – Dubai, which lasted from Tuesday the twenty-second of November until the twenty-fourth of it. The company was represented by the CEO, Mr. Jean Bakhos, who visited most of the important events in the exhibition, especially the companies specialized in development, networking and linking platforms. of dollars from … Read more

Our Lady of Louaize Short Film Festival kicks off on Tuesday

The NDU International Film Festival – Beirut Shorts, organized by Notre Dame University and the Beirut Film Society, in partnership with the Asfari Institute, will launch its sixteenth session on the night of Tuesday, November 29, until December 2. 2022 on the university campus, in the presence of filmmakers, artists and specialists from Lebanon and … Read more

Did Othman coordinate with Jumblatt?

Lina Fakhreddine – The news The Director-General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, did not wait a single day after referring the commander of the Judicial Police Unit, Brigadier General Maher Al-Halabi, to retirement last Friday evening. months), but it is customary to extend it. The most prominent of the formations was … Read more

What did Margie reveal about “Affectionate Inventory”?

Singer Elie Marji released a new song for him entitled “Al-Jard Al-Hunoun” from his words and melodies, to confirm his distinction in writing and composing, in addition to his distinguished voice and performance, especially in this color and the music he presents.“Al-Jard Al-Hunoun” won the admiration of the followers, as its video clip achieved a … Read more

I will quit football if Messi wins the Ballon d’Or

Arabic A book released on Wednesday revealed that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo threatened to retire from football if his arch-rival Lionel Messi won the 2019 Ballon d’Or, which is what happened when the latter won his sixth Ballon d’Or. The past decade was the title of a fierce competition between Ronaldo, who played for Real … Read more

The Minister of Finance responds to Wadih Akl

The Minister of Finance in the caretaker government, Youssef Al-Khalil, issued the following statement: Lawyer Wadih Akl, in an interview with him via one of the news websites, addressed the Minister of Finance, Youssef Al-Khalil, about what he dealt with. It is important for us to respond with the following: Lawyer Wadih Akl, former advisor … Read more

Video- A message from the wife of the Lebanese president of “FIFA” to the Algerians!

Russia Today The Lebanese Lina Al-Ashkar, wife of the President of the International Football Association, Gianni Infantino, sent a special message to the Algerians before the start of the 2022 World Cup, scheduled for this month in Qatar. “The Algerian team will be in our hearts during the World Cup in Qatar,” she told SportsTeam … Read more

6,000 Argentine fans banned from Qatar World Cup stadiums

skynews The Argentine city of Buenos Aires said that fans involved in illegal associations and others who owe food fees are part of a list of about 6,000 Argentine fans who will not be allowed to enter the 2022 World Cup stadiums. “The fans involved in the violence are here… We want to bring peace … Read more

Gold prices are flying high

Gold prices jumped more than 3% in Friday’s trading, with the dollar declining against the background of data showing an increase in the unemployment rate in the United States in October, and raising optimism that the Federal Reserve will be less strict in raising interest rates in the future. US employers hired more workers than … Read more