Quick hands raged again! The best Czech boxer ran over the opponent and won the title

Less than a month ago, he had an exhibition duel with domestic legend Ondřej “Spejbl” Hutník, and now, after a few weeks, he has tried a tough match again. quartet Marek Procházka. There was a lot of fighting, in the game there was a home title in the crossweight. After the national anthem, it was … Read more

R. Giedraitis raged against the winners of the FIBA ​​Champions League

The victory in the Spanish championship was won by the team of Vitorija Baskonia (20/13), which has two Lithuanians in its ranks. Basque club on the go 91:78 (28:13, 23:20, 15:21, 25:19) defeated the Lenovo basketball players of Tenerife (20/13). The Tenerife team won the FIBA ​​Champions League title just 3 days ago and defeated … Read more

The Greek raged: Giannis led the Bucks to victory at the start of the series

G. Antetokounmpo scored 24 points (9/23 doubles, 0/2 trit., 6/11 penalties), rebounded 13 balls, made 12 assists, and while he was on the Bucks, he won sections by as much as 23 points. . In one of the episodes, the Greek had nowhere to put the ball, so he threw it on the board and … Read more

S.Curry raged from the bench, N.Jokičius was driven into the locker room

Curry emerged from the bench in this match but was unstoppable – scoring 34 points (5/10 trit.) In just 23 minutes on the floor. When the defender was on the field, the Warriors scored 32 points more than their opponents. Jordan Poole, who was thrown to Curry in the top five instead of Curry, scored … Read more

MMA | The undefeated beater raged again! Uncompromising chipping got the fans boiling

Alexander Volkanovski, who was almost undefeated for ten years, was about to complete the trilogy against Max Holloway until recently, but the injury of the latter suddenly put Korean Chan Sung Jung in the title battle. At the age of thirty-five, he got a chance at life, but it slipped through his fingers. An opponent … Read more

Indecent and irresponsible, the Czech golf star raged. The stick carrier was fired

The stick carrier proved to be extremely irresponsible. “He arrived about twelve minutes before the start, and he still had problems with the documentation. I even told the organizers that I would rather carry my clubs myself than disqualify me for it, “the Czech golfer reminded me of the situation at the beginning of the … Read more

Slavi Trifonov raged after a joke with Emo Cholakov ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Curious

Actor Marian Bachev shared interesting stories from the kitchen of the “Show of Fame”, including how he cursed his eternally sour boss and was shamefully expelled. Despite all the conflicts, however, the talented comedian has only praise for his longtime employer. Bachev told the story of how he pulled one of the Uchindolets in the … Read more

I’ll kill you! The boss of PSG raged after the loss and won over to the referee, security intervened

PSG’s Kylian Mbappé almost tied things up with 34 minutes played after breaking through on the right, but his shot deflected off the post. After five minutes, however, the 23-year-old Frenchman struck again after Neymar’s pass and the Paris team took the lead 1: 0. However, the Parisians’ dream of the Champions League quarterfinals faded … Read more

Searches, arrests: a vast network of fuel card fraud identified, suspects raged in Belgium

In mid-2019, the Federal Judicial Police of East Flanders (Belgium) opened an investigation into several fraudulent refuelings where copied fuel cards were used to refuel several, mainly Romanian, trucks. The investigation, conducted under the direction of the federal prosecutor’s office and an investigating judge from the Ghent court, Dendermonde section, uncovered a well-structured criminal organization … Read more

An 11-point-and-pin Croatian raged in Oklahoma

The National Basketball Association (NBA) recorded an unexpected individual show. Bojano Bogdanovičiaus led by Utah’s Jazz (40/23) team on the road 116:103 (33:24, 28:21, 30:31, 25:27) broke the Oklahoma Thunder (20/44). Jazz achieved a smashing advantage in the first half (33:15) and took a solid lead in the locker room (61:45). Later, their advantage fluctuated, … Read more