5 Natural Herbal Medicines Against Cough, Flu, Dizziness During the Rainy Season Must Try!

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Keep Your Body Endurance In The Rainy Season By Consuming Zinc, What Are Its Functions?

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4 Diseases That Often Appear During the Rainy Season and How to Prevent Them All

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Why is the 2022 Rainy Season Coming Early? This is BMKG’s explanation

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“Insalubrity increases diseases during the rainy season” • Malijet

Wintering is installed in Bamako. During this period, there is an upsurge in many diseases. In this interview the general practitioner of the Community Health Center of Sogoniko, Dr. Alain Déna, also technical director of the center, explains these different diseases, the causes, as well as the people at risk who must be protected first. … Read more

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“They died incubating each other” .. Details of the discovery of the bodies of a woman and her child

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