From the wives of D. Kreivis and S. Skvernelis to the sister of the president’s wife: appointments that raised questions in the public sphere | Business

Communication expert A. Belickaitė was the director of corporate affairs of Lietuvos geležinkėlių (LTG) for just a week, but that time was enough for a discussion about non-transparent connections, nepotism and conflicts of interest to erupt in society. A. Belickaitė, the wife of Vice Minister of Economy and Innovations Vincos Jurgutis, who submitted a resignation … Read more

From the sea, Floppy Tesouro modeled with a colored micro bikini and raised the temperature in the networks

treasure floppy She is very connected with her fans through the Instagram social network, where she takes advantage of every activity she does during the day to share with her followers that they hope to have news about her life. Floppy Tesouro’s total black top and skirt look. Photo: Instagram Always with her own style … Read more

V. Zelensky called on the EU to send planes and missiles, the Ukrainian flag was raised in Crimea

On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at the Kremlin for official talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Chinese leader said he wanted to “strengthen coordination and cooperation with Russia”, while the Kremlin master assured that Moscow could meet “Beijing’s growing demand for energy resources”. On Wednesday, the occupiers hit residential houses in Zaporozhye … Read more

questions are raised by the impressive delivery of a KFC order in Moscow

Xi said he had constructive talks with the Russian leader during his visit to Moscow and talked about expanding trade and economic cooperation with Russia, with China exporting more electronic goods. Putin said that an agreement has been reached on additional supplies of natural gas to China and the two countries plan to expand transport … Read more

“Vilniaus poukštynas” has doubled the scale of chicken raised without antibiotics: it offers a wider range

“We notice that “Vilnius Poukshtyno” chicken, raised without antibiotics, is becoming more and more popular – its sales are doubling every year. Taking into account the needs of consumers to choose healthier products grown and produced in Lithuania, we are expanding the assortment. The label “Raised without antibiotics” is a certified quality guarantee that the … Read more

Jessica Rodríguez, presenter of ‘Despierta América’, raised the temperature with photos on the beach – La Vibra

Jessica Rodríguez, Venezuelan presenter of ‘Despierta América’, enjoyed a relaxing moment in the Dominican Republic a few days ago. On her Instagram account, the television host shared several photos wearing a bikini and her audience reacted with hundreds of messages. Some of the comments that were read were: “Beautiful and what a tasty Dominican Republic”, … Read more

The Schalke player can be a cure for the left-back of the team. “I was raised in Polish, the choice is clear”

Schalke player will solve Polish left-back problems? Philip Amaro Buczkowski turned 18 a month ago, plays for Schalke U-19 and wants to represent Poland. Thanks to receiving a Polish passport, he will be able to play in Polish youth teams in matches for points. We invite you to an interview with – we keep our … Read more

Natti Natasha opened her jacket and raised the temperature of social networks

the dominican Natti Natasha She is one of the most popular Latin singers in today’s urban music. For several years she has released songs that have become huge hits across the continent and continue to play to this day. A few hours ago, she shared a video of her from her bed that brought the … Read more

Donations for Pablo Lyle continue after his sentence: this is the amount that has been raised

Pablo Lyle was sentenced on February 3 after being found guilty of manslaughter against Juan Ricardo Hernández. After almost four years of the incident, the actor and his family have faced financial difficulties to cover the expenses of his maintenance and his legal team. Due to the situation, friends close to the actor’s family announced, … Read more

Jenna Ortega raised the temperature in a minidress with transparencies

Jenna Ortega She is without a doubt the actress of the moment. Having starred in the series “Merlina” and the new movie “Scream 6” have catapulted her to stardom in a hurry and her social networks have exploded in terms of her followers. There are more than 40.4 million fans who decided not to miss … Read more