28 years ago … Rania Youssef watched “silent extras” in the movie “Al-Mansi” | news

The artist Rania Youssef always remembers her artistic beginnings, and that she entered the field and achieved success step by step, so she loves her work very much and loves to learn everything new. The first work in which Rania Youssef appeared 28 years ago was in the movie “Al-Mansi” in 1993, as a silent … Read more

Rania Youssef’s organ donation announcement implicates a famous doctor on accusations of harassment!

triggered news Announcing the donation of the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef to her organs after her death There was a great deal of controversy on the communication sites in Egypt, and some followers were laughed at, but what no one expected was that this announcement would implicate a famous Egyptian doctor and accuse him of … Read more

Saba Mubarak and Hend Sabry in a suit and dress, Arwa Gouda grabs the attention on the red carpet for the “Captains of Zaatari” show in El Gouna | album

The stars flock to the premiere of the movie “Captains of Zaatari”, its first in the Arab world, as part of the long documentaries section. Arwa Joudeh, Ilham Shaheen, Saba Mubarak, Bushra, Youssef Othman, Khaled Selim and his wife, Nicolas Gibran and his wife, Rania Youssef, Hala Sedky, Muhammad Zidan, Mahmoud Al-Laithi and Mayan Al-Sayed … Read more

The views of the sons of artists in El-Gouna during the previous sessions.. from

08:01 PM Monday 11 October 2021 I wrote – Asmaa Morsi On the red carpet of the El Gouna Film Festival, many artists escorted their sons and appeared in distinguished looks that caught the eye, during the previous sessions of the most famous artistic gathering in Egypt. Here, through the following and through the album … Read more

Rania Youssef with an exciting view of the yacht and fails to hide the swimsuit

The Egyptian actress published ​Raniya YousifA new photo on her personal page on the social networking site, which the followers described as “bold”. The picture appeared on a yacht wearing a red swimsuit, and she tried to cover it with cash, but the way the picture was taken and the air did not help her, … Read more

In the video.. Rania Youssef leads the trend with her father’s statement about her religious commitment

The pioneers of social networking sites re-circulated an old video of the third episode of the “More About Rania” program, which was filmed nearly two years ago at the artist’s house. Raniya Yousif It was shown on her official YouTube channel, in which she talked about her father and described him as “the kindest man … Read more

After an absence of 11 years .. Adel Imam returns to the cinema

After circulating news indicating the deteriorating health of the Egyptian actorAdel EmamThe Egyptian director denied itRami ImamThis news, and revealed that his father returned to the cinema.In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, Ramy said: “My father’s health is good and he is at his home with his grandchildren. He follows all events and … Read more

Cyrine Abdel Nour celebrates the graduation of Cristiano… Ward El Khal, Nada Abu Farhat and Rania Youssef comment

The actress celebratedLebanonYehCyrine Abdel NourGraduating her sonCristiano RahmaFrom the nursery.Serene published a video showing her son among other students wearing a “robe”, graduating from nursery school, and then throwing the hats away.And Cristiano appeared, with the bangs falling on his forehead, in a very funny way, as he threw the hat and looked at his … Read more

Rania Youssef with a new “New Look” and artistic activity with 3 works at once

The Egyptian star surprised Raniya Yousif, her followers and the public with a new “New Look”, where she caught the eye in her latest appearance with a degree of burgundy (fiery) hair color, through her official account on the social networking site. Instagram, where she published through it, and revealed that she decided to change … Read more

On the beach… Rania Youssef sends a message to girls: wear whatever clothes you like (photos) | news

The artist Rania Youssef sent a message to the girls to support them and emphasize their personal freedom to wear what they like. Rania published pictures of her from her summer vacation, in which she appeared on the beach, wearing a thin summer dress. We recommend: Laila Zaher celebrates her graduation from school with an … Read more