Ransomware hacking group donates extorted Bitcoin to charity

The hackers of the Darkside ransomware group, which claims to have extorted millions of dollars from various companies, vowed to “make the world a better place” and donated some of the extorted BTC to charities. In a dark web post, according to the BBC, the ransomware group posted donation receipts of 0.88 BTC ($ 10,000) … Read more

Bitcoin exchanges must apply FATF standards to minimize ransomware

The so-called Group of Seven (G7) made up of Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, is targeting the exchanges of bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies to apply standards aligned with those of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The measure seeks to minimize cyberattacks from ransomware. The organization emphasized that … Read more

Microsoft Helps Remove Dangerous Russian Malware Ahead of US Elections | Ransomware

He ransomware is a latent for the next american elections, several experts warn that this powerful virus can infect a system used to maintain voter list or inform about results on election night, all in order to sow chaos and mistrust. Microsoft took legal steps to dismantle one of the largest botnets in the world, … Read more

Bitcoin ransomware vaccine found and available for download – BeInCrypto

Ransomware can be the worst nightmare against personal and institutional data. The amount of losses that these digital viruses can leave in their wake is remarkable: according to what he told the cybersecurity company Cerberus Sentinel this year, it is by now a multimillion-dollar criminal industry. As a possible solution to this type of attack, … Read more

Paying ransom for ransomware attack will be punished by US law

The US Department of the Treasury has warned that victims of ransomware attacks who pay to free themselves from the hijacking could face stiff penalties. He also noted that companies that support payments will be subject to fines, if the criminals who benefit are already subject to financial penalties. In its notice, the Office of … Read more

American university pays ransomware ransom despite presence of backups – Computer – News

A university in the US state of Utah paid nearly half a million dollars after a ransomware infection. Interestingly enough, the university had made backups, but the perpetrators threatened to release the stolen data afterwards. The attack took place on servers at the University of Utah, specifically in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. … Read more

More than 100 young people returned to Chechnya “for re-education” from Moscow :: Society :: RBC

We are talking about Chechens who violated public order in the capital and used drugs. State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov said that in Chechnya they will be involved in hard public works Adam Delimkhanov (Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS) The Chechen authorities returned to the republic from Moscow for re-education more than 100 young people … Read more

“Garmin has paid millions of dollars in ransomware ransom through intermediary” – Computer – News

Garmin has paid several million dollars to get rid of the encryption of its systems. That reports Sky News based on sources. The company was previously hit by a ransomware attack and reportedly paid a ransom through an intermediary. Sky News speaks about a ransom of several million dollars, which according to the medium would … Read more

The Garmin crisis: attackers hijacked his service with a virus and ask for $ 10 million

A hijacker virus, better called Ransomware, has left the line of smart devices without service wereables Garmin and has compromised the personal data of millions of people. Since this Saturday, users have not been able to access the base Garmin Connect, which retrieve the physical activity and health data that is recorded from their devices … Read more

Sources confirm WastedLocker ransomware and demand ransom from Garmin – Computer – News

Although Garmin has not yet confirmed it, evidence is mounting that the company has been hit by a ransomware attack, with the hackers asking for a ransom. The it department within Garmin is said to have tried unsuccessfully to shut down the network. Garmin itself speaks of a malfunction for the time being, but sources … Read more