Horror! Female Tourist Raped Opposite Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris – Sexual harassment what happened to tourists happened again. This time the victim was raped in the toilet opposite the holy place Notre Dame Cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which is crowded with tourists, has become a crime scene. Reported The Sunrecently there was an act of rape on a tourist from the … Read more

the drama of a German tourist

“Help me: I was raped“. She was deeply shaken, but also determined to provide the investigators and medical personnel with all the elements useful for first aid and for identifying the beast that a short time before had blocked her by force, even threatening her with a knife, to abuse The protagonist of this tragic … Read more

40 years ago she disappeared from the bus stop, they found her stabbed. Now they solved the case

Advances in science associated with the modern age bring not only more powerful computers and smarter robots to mankind, but also cutting-edge technologies that can be used for a whole range of projects. The benefits of better forensic technology are undoubtedly more accurate DNA tests, which can help shed light on decades-old murder cases and … Read more

Robber Rape Girl on Bus, Dozens of Passengers Helpless

loading… Bangladeshi police have arrested suspects in the robbery and rape of bus passengers. Photo/The Business Standard DHAKA – Hordes of armed robbers rape a girl on a speeding bus in Tangail, Bangladesh. The driver and dozens of other passengers were powerless to help the victim because they were under threat of guns. The gruesome … Read more

Police bag identity of ABG abductor-rapist Pati: We Hurry!

Also – The police have the names of the alleged perpetrators of confinement and rape of teenage girls in Pati Regency, Central Java. The perpetrator is now being hunted. “The identity of the perpetrator has now been pocketed by the name of the perpetrator and we will certainly investigate if there are other perpetrators,” explained … Read more

Citizens of South Africa turn against illegal miners

AFP NOS News•Friday, 19:28 Elles van Gelder correspondent Afrika Elles van Gelder correspondent Afrika South African citizens in several townships west of Johannesburg have risen up against illegal miners. The immediate cause is a gang rape last week, but tensions between residents and miners have been going on for much longer. Tens of thousands of … Read more

Primary arrested for rape, the victim on the phone: “This is the third time you have abused me”

Saronno (Varese) – “It’s the third time what are you doing here , it’s the third time! And you are a doctor, you are … Instead of making an intramuscular abuse, but do you realize? “. Alternate anger with disbelief , makes him repeat things to make sure he has understood correctly, refuses to get … Read more

The story of a 15-year-old boy in Pati, lost for 4 months, found pregnant and malnourished in an empty house

KOMPAS.com – N, the 15 year old boy is from AlsoCentral Java was found critically in an empty house after being declared missing for four months. The location for the discovery of the junior high school student was in Alasdowo Village, Dukuhseti District, Pati. When found by his family on July 31, 2022, N was … Read more

Police Examine Woman Who Shared Video Related to Rape Case of High School Student in Bima

Bima, katada.id – Investigators from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Bima Police have asked for statements from witnesses regarding the alleged rape case of a high school student initials J, a resident of Monta District, Bima Regency. One of those questioned was a friend of the victim, who was said to have spread the … Read more

Mass rape has sparked violent protests in South Africa. Illegal immigrants are blamed by the local population.

Eight women were raped in Krugersdorp outside Johannesburg last week. This has caused the local population to crack down on illegal miners. Large protests flared up outside Johannesburg in South Africa on Thursday, in the wake of a mass rape last week. House fires and fights have characterized the area. Photo: Themba Hadebe / Ap … Read more