he murdered during a child’s overnight stay. He raped one of the victims

This massacre during a children’s overnight stay took place on September 18. That day, 11-year-old Connie came to the house of her friend and peer Lacey, where she was spending the night. Lacey’s mother, Terri, 35, and her brother John, 13, were also present at the house. A day later, investigators made a gruesome discovery … Read more

[국제]Cuban woman reveals she was raped by Maradona 20 years ago

Reuters reported that a woman who had been in a relationship with the late Argentine football hero Diego Maradona 20 years ago claimed that Maradona had sexually assaulted her before officially dating, Reuters and others reported. According to reports, Cuban Mavis Alvarez told a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that Maradona, then 40, sexually … Read more

Woman has been raped on the bridges of Fiães

Solomon Rodrigues November 18, 2021 at 15:34 A 32-year-old woman was reportedly raped this Thursday afternoon on the footbridges of the Uíma River, in Fiães, Santa Maria da Feira. As JN found out, the woman went for a walk along the bridges when she was probably surprised by the presence of two men who would … Read more

India. At least 400 men were reportedly raped by a homeless teenager. Can identify 25

A 16-year-old woman living in the streets in India has reportedly been raped in recent years by at least 400 men. The victim of sexual violence sought help from the police, but was also about to be sexually abused there. So far, seven people have been arrested in the case. The victim herself says that … Read more

Shock in India, 17-year-old prostituted and raped by hundreds of men

<!––> A demonstration against violence against women, October 2020 – Ansa First molested by her father, then given in marriage to a 40-year-old at 13 and for two interminable years sold to hundreds of customers. Yet another shocking story in India made headlines in the media. Reopening all the questions and indignation on the scourge … Read more

He raped her and loved her. The famous tennis player disappeared after accusing the Chinese politician

“I know I can’t explain it clearly, and even if it doesn’t, it won’t be considered important. I know that someone in your prominent position, Deputy Prime Minister Chang Kao-li, will say that he is not afraid. But even if it was just a pebble in a stone or a moth attacking a flame seeking … Read more

“I was raped by a former Chinese deputy prime minister,” the Chinese tennis star wrote. He hasn’t been able to connect with her since

Women in China only started joining the #MeToo movement three years ago, and many people have been suspected of no allegations concern the Chinese Communist Party and its government. She decided to break the silence tennis champion Peng Shui, who wrote on the social network that her raped by former Deputy Prime Minister Chang Kao-li. … Read more

Good grief! How can female soldiers be raped in French palaces?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – French prosecutors have opened an investigation into the alleged rape of a female soldier by a fellow soldier at the presidential palace in Paris last July. An AFP report on Friday (11/12/2021) said the alleged attack took place after a reception for the departure of a general and two others attended … Read more

Strange and Horror, Men Raped by Men on British Streets

loading… BOLTON – Strange and horror incidents occur in English , where a man was attacked and raped by fellow men on the street in Bolton town. Greather Manchester Police stepped in to open an investigation into the attack. According to police, the attack was experienced by a 22-year-old man at around 03.30 in the … Read more

England in shock – hospital employee raped more than 80 bodies

No one knew what was going on behind the doors of the morgue at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent when caretaker David Fuller (67) went to work. Because there is no surveillance camera for the dead. For over three decades, the sex fantasies of the married father of children were allowed to run wild without … Read more