A Russian deserter recounts the war crimes committed by the soldiers: “At four, they raped a mother and her daughter”

The former brigade to which Nikita Shibrin belonged, the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade, sadly distinguished itself for its criminal activities in the Ukrainian town of Boutcha, which will earn its members the nickname “the butchers of Boutcha”. ”. The Russian deserter claims for his part that he has never been to this Ukrainian city but … Read more

Woman raped on a bench in Trapani: “She’s covered in blood”

The police are investigating an alleged sexual assault against a woman in Trapani. The rape allegedly took place last night on a bench in the Mura di Tramontana. The blood-stained bench was reported this morning by some citizens jogging on the road that runs alongside the ancient walls. The police did not provide any other … Read more

MP against candidate minister: He is a sexual predator who raped me at least 10 times, and I was 14

A new sex scandal broke out in the world of sports – this time in tennis. Miroslav Skrzypczynski, president of the Polish federation, is accused of molesting minors. The mother of his ex-wife also has claims against him, who speaks of “physical and mental violence” against the family by the tennis boss. Iga Świontek and … Read more

Latest horror in Tehran. “Brutally raped women and men in jail”

Iran plunges into a climate of extreme fear, repression intensifies and is increasingly violent. But in this heroic revolt the women do not want to give in. The slogan “Women, life, freedom” resonates in the squares and streets. They are called “loose women”, “pawns” in a conspiracy hatched by Western governments. But they don’t stop … Read more

Syracuse, a 21-year-old denounces: “Raped by a parish priest aged 9 to 18”

A 21-year-old boy denounced a parish priest in Francofonte (Syracuse) for sexual violence. “The first time he abused me I was 9 years old. He raped me at his house. The violence went on from the ages of 9 to 18. Terrible years in which I’ve had several hospitalizations in the hospital due to my … Read more

Father of the two children raped by their mother says he does not remember the murder he was involved in – Portugal

The father of the two children who were raped in the Alentejo village of Cuba does not remember a homicide in which he was involved. It was not the first death of the family, but several witnesses heard by the CM say that it was João who was driving the car where his 2-year-old nephew … Read more

Girl (15) raped in Halle: police are looking for thirty-something with checkered red pants (Pepingen)

Here is inserted content from a social media network that wants to write or read cookies. You have not given permission for this. Click here to adjust your preferences The federal police have issued a search message for a man who raped a 15-year-old girl in Pepingen in September 2021. jvhBron: PRpro Sunday, November 6, … Read more

Girl (15) raped in Halle: do you know who the man is with the red checkered pants? | faruk

The police and the public prosecutor are looking for an unknown man who raped a 15-year-old girl in Pepingen, near Halle, last year. That happened in broad daylight, the girl was on her way home from school. The facts are so serious that the investigators suspect that the man may have previously made victims. Karen … Read more

Traumatized Ukrainian grandmother (75): ‘Raped by Russian soldier in my house in Kherson’ | Abroad

WAR IN UKRAINE ‘We really saw Russia as a brother country’ Cherson – Shocking revelations from the Ukrainian village of Myroliubivka in Kherson. 75-year-old Liudmyla Mymrykova tells the BBC how she was conquered by the Russians in March in her once beautiful home village and then became a victim of terror, abuse and rape for … Read more

A 13-year-old child in Sampang was picked up by his girlfriend and then raped by 9 people

Lacquer – 9 people in Sampang are really depraved, they raped a 13 year old child. The rape began when the victim was picked up by a young man who claimed to be his lover. The victim’s uncle, Zainul Arifin, said the rape took place on Saturday (22/10) night. At that time his nephew was … Read more