Path Tracing: NVIDIA explains what this evolution of Ray Tracing means

The ray tracing it is a computational process that allows us to simulate lighting much better. This technology was simulated on a computer by Arthur Appel in 1968, but only reached the mass market when NVIDIA included support in the hardware of its cards GeForce RTX of Serie 20 in 2018. In many games, the … Read more

UL Benchmaek announced that it will push the DirectX 12 Ultimate test item 3DMark Speed ​​Way in the second half of the year #Lenovo(173594)

UL Benchmark’s 3DMark series is one of the third-party benchmark software for many players and consumers to evaluate performance, among which 3DMark Time Spy and Fire Strike are the benchmark test items, and with the addition of many new functions, DirectX 12 Ultimate has become The API adopted by the new generation of 3A content, … Read more

They show how amazing God of War looks on PC with the “Beyond All Limits” mod

Thanks to the ray tracing mod called “Beyond All Limits” on PC, the beauty of God of War (2018) shines even brighter. God of War launched on PC late last week and quickly shot to the top of the Steam charts. Over the weekend, the title boasted over 73,000 concurrent users at its peak, reaching … Read more

Nvidia ReShade ray tracing filter application notice, DLDSR function added

It has been confirmed that Nvidia, working with ReShade developers, will add a ray tracing filter. ReShade is a post-processing injector mainly used in games. In addition to the graphic effects provided by the existing game engine, the user can apply the desired graphic effect like a filter. In particular, ray tracing-based shadows and improved … Read more

Battlefield 2042 RTX technology is fully developed, combined with DLSS, ray tracing, and Reflex to bring a smooth, low-latency high-quality experience #nvidia (167899)

EA’s recently popular battlefield Fengyun 2042 will be open to early buyers for early play on November 12th, and NVIDIA has also worked with EA DICE to enhance the PC version and NVIDIA RTX technology. Battlefield will be able to take advantage of many of the NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Key features, including DLSS, ray … Read more