Soloviev reacted to the appearance of a sensational parody of himself

TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev, in a conversation with the newspaper “Evening Moscow”, commented on the appearance on the network of a video parody of his TV show. It also parodied TV presenters Artyom Sheinin, Olga Skabeeva and Dmitry Kiselev. Solovyov himself was portrayed by Azamat Musagaliev, calling himself “Nightingale the Robber.” The real Vladimir Soloviev … Read more

so they reacted to Conte’s triumph

© photo Milan Inter in the Juve locker room: this is how we reacted to Conte’s triumph. The bianconeri already imagined this type of championship In home Juventus, of course, more than one eye was given to yesterday’s Madonnina derby. Pirlo hoped for a draw, instead it was a triumph ofInter which has stretched … Read more

Conte: “Agnelli? I reacted to insults wrongly. My Inter is growing and just a fool … “

The words of the Nerazzurri coach, Antonio Conte, on the eve of tomorrow night’s match between Inter and Lazio at the Meazza Appiano Gentile – Time to dismiss the disappointment for Tuesday’s elimination in the Italian Cup and dive back into the league. For Antonio Conte’s Inter there is no respite, with AC Milan playing … Read more

Video | This is how Juan Guillermo Cuadrado reacted when they tried to lift him by force after a foul against him

The foul that made Juan Guillermo Cuadrado angry and slapped when they tried to lift him from the ground / (Courtesy: DirecTV Sports).On the afternoon of Tuesday, February 2, the first leg semi-final of the Italian Cup was held, which faced Inter and Juventus at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan. In a match that … Read more

Did Jada Smith cheat on Will Smith? This is how the actor reacted.

Main motivations for being unfaithful. There can be as many reasons as types of partners and personalities. On many occasions they do not exist In which he had a love triangle with the picturesque Pedro Coral (Miguel Varoni). of his life, creating a story full of deception and good intentions. Pedro and Paula will have … Read more

Laugh or cry? This is how a child reacted to receiving an Xbox Series X

<!– –> 21:09 The magic of Christmas, they say. One of the most coveted gifts for Christmas are undoubtedly consoles And surely this year when the new generation of Microsoft and Sony were presented, it would have been the most requested gift of all, but thanks to COVID-19 (and a couple of other things) the … Read more

Music, cinema, theater and carnival reacted to the suspension of public performances | the daily

Demonstration of cultural workers in front of the Executive Tower. (archive, July 2020) Photo: Federico Gutiérrez December 21, 2020 · Cultural policies Close This audio is an exclusive feature of the unlimited subscription. Listen to this article Your browser does not support this element of audio. Read by Andrés Alba. Among the measures announced last … Read more

This is how politicians, journalists and celebrities reacted to AMLO’s Ethical Guide

After the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented, this morning the Ethical Guide for the Transformation of Mexico, politicians, actors, journalists and writers spoke for and against the document. Through social networks, public figures celebrated and rejected the 20 points, whose objective is to recover moral, spiritual and cultural values. The writer Fabrizio Mejía pointed … Read more

This is how Diana reacted the time a glass of wine was spilled on her Versace dress

Although 23 years after his death no one has forgotten the Princess Diana, the fourth season of The Crown It is the perfect excuse for those who got to know her to remember their anecdotes with her these days. Is what he did last night André Leon Talley on his personal Instagram account. The popular … Read more

This is how Argentine television reacted after Maradona’s death

Argentine idol Diego Maradona, considered one of the best footballers in history, died this Wednesday at the age of 60 after suffering cardiac arrest at home. The news shook the whole world. And Argentine television was one of the most affected. It is that on the other side of the Cordillera they never imagined that … Read more