Secretly, Here’s How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Being Found Online

JAKARTA, HARIANHALUAN.COM – There are times as a recipient message WhatsApp, you can only read it but can’t reply right away. This can be a problem, if the sender knows you read the message and will ask questions when message not answered right away. To avoid this problem there are actually a number of tricks … Read more

Isaac Newton’s Original Records are Open to the Public, Everyone Can Read

History changed forever after Neil Armstrong said, “Eagle landed,” but a new study suggests that part of Apollo 11’s “Eagle” Lunar Module (LM) that was once believed to have crashed on the moon can still orbit the celestial satellite. Californian space enthusiast James Meador ran a simulation of the predicted LM orbit using the General … Read more

Hyundai’s first electric Ioniq immediately convinces. Read the full road test

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Breaking design, lounge-style cockpit and advanced architecture to manage energy: the Korean redefines the parameters. A lot of well-being on the road, even if it is not a gazelle when cornering. Autonomy? In the city it reaches almost 500 km .

Dear Minister Cartabia, the EU asks for swift justice: are you sure you have read the question correctly?

by Francesca Dear Minister Cartabia, to implement Europe’s request for a faster justice, You have given birth to a reform which, however, turns out to be a legal interruption of justice. Let me explain. In an attempt to reduce the time required to reach a sentence that establishes the guilt or innocence of the accused, … Read more

Stop folders August. But scrapping-ter and balance and excerpt installments restart

Confirmed it stop of the tax bills in August, but the installments of the scrapping-ter he was born in Balance and Extract, which must be paid by 31 July. Effective date on August 2nd as the deadline falls on a Saturday and, considering the usual 5 days of tolerance, the deadline passes to August 9th. … Read more

Hong Kong, roundup of teachers at school “They read seditious books to children”

Steve Li, head of the Hong Kong National Security Force Department, never misses an opportunity to restore his image as a persecutor. Limiting himself to the last year, he managed to arrest nine people accusing them of wanting to prepare an attack with fireworks, he ordered the beating and arrest of a 12-year-old girl, guilty … Read more

Class Vārpiņa and TV3 roads – the beautiful Agnese will not read the news anymore

As a portal Alise Mališko, communication project manager of All Media Baltics, said that from January 1, 2019, the viewer will see small changes in the format, which envisages that the evening news of TV3 and LNT will be hosted by one moderator. No changes are planned in the news service of the channel … Read more

First Useless Sign Walk in Ninove: “Just because there’s a sign here doesn’t mean you have to read it”

The walking route is an idea of ​​Kamiel De Bruyne, who also founded the National Association for Useless Signs during the lockdown in 2020: “We distribute small placards all over the country, like the typical tourist signs, but ours usually have no use but try to be a little funny.” Listen to the interview with … Read more

Read your message on WhatsApp from notifications without the sender knowing a new feature that you know about

Read your message on WhatsApp from notifications without the sender knowing a new feature that you know – educate me WhatsApp experts launch a new feature on the application that helps you read messages without the knowledge of its sender. The most popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has launched a new update for its beta … Read more