Should gender disappear from citizens due to discrimination? readers have decided!

“The gender shown in the citizen does not help to identify their holders in practice. Sometimes, on the contrary, people’s appearance does not correspond to the common notion of men and women, creating unnecessary misunderstandings,” the Pirates explain the main reason why the gender column should disappear from the document. According to the Pirates, the … Read more

Prefer Pfizer or Sputnik? readers said which vaccines they trust

Vaccination was launched in the Czech Republic at the end of December, using substances from four companies. The other two are talked about a lot, but have not yet been clarified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). According to the results of the survey, readers trust the German-American Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine the most. … Read more

Who is the host of the wide show you hate? As a result of the reader’s vote, Fuji TV’s number one place is …: J-CAST News[Full text display]

It’s been a month since the spring program was reorganized. How do readers perceive the new faces of the new year’s morning and noon wide shows? J-CAST News picked up 16 wide show moderators from each station and asked them to vote for “favorite moderators” and “dislike moderators” for about two weeks. In both “like” … Read more

Distance medicine: a trend that is here to stay – Reader’s Opinion

While the Chamber of Deputies is expected to pass the law that seeks to regulate the provision of health services through the use of information and communication technologies, known as telemedicine, which has already been approved by the Senate, Dr. Macarena González, a neurologist at the Institute of Cognitive Neurology (INECO), expressed her opinion on … Read more

Books dedicated for readers without freedom

Ines Martin RodrigoFOLLOW Madrid Updated:08/02/2021 00:48h save About three years ago, when winter was a season and not a wish, Maria rufilanchas He was in the Infames Types bookstore, in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid. As he went to pay for the selected books, he complained aloud about the amount he had at home. Oh my, … Read more

Five e-book readers with on-screen light to help you read better at night | Technology

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. Despite the romanticism of reading on paper, digital books make their way through their versatility, their ease of use and transport, and their technological advances. Among them, the light on the screen to read better. You are reading several books at the … Read more

Irene Vallejo and the infinite spiral of books

There are books that manage to catch the reader’s attention from the first lines, it is one of the many qualities of Infinity in a reed (Siruela, 2020) by Irene Vallejo. In addition, this essay allows the reader to discover in its pages a universe of sensations that unfold in the manifestation of all the … Read more

E-Book Readers Market Size Research Reports 2021 Global Industry, Share, Detailed Qualitative Insights, Explosive Growth Opportunity, Regional Analysis – Radio Petrer 107.2 fm

The Global E-Book Readers Market (2021-2026) report identifies the market sales by regional analysis by product type and product applications since 2015. The E-book Readers Market research report provides an analysis on product sales , price, margin, growth (regional volume). The market research report offers an analysis of the historical and current scenario in the … Read more

A batch of books for the most readers of the Poio municipal library

Miguel García with Raquel Rodríguez. | // LIGHTHOUSE One more year, the Municipal Library of Poio, in Campelo, wanted to acknowledge those users and users who request more loans in these facilities. The person in charge of delivering the Reader Awards, corresponding to the year 2020, was the head of Culture and Education, Raquel Rodríguez, … Read more

Act of recognition to ‘super readers’ of the Ánxel Casal library

The Christmas festivities have just closed, one of the first events of the year is related to books and is celebrated tomorrow. It is the Libraries User Day, a date that is intended to recognize the reading habit of those who visit and regularly use the services of these entities. And we must not forget … Read more