Real estate forum: Loan testimonial received ARLETTE LIEGEOIS

Hello to all Internet users, just a little message to warn you that lenders between individuals exist because I have just found some.For having lived and suffered from the swindle, I finally came across the comments of a lady who received her loan from a French woman named ARLETTE LIEGEOIS that I also found serious … Read more

Why a property owned by an SCI cannot always be used to guarantee a personal debt – Miscellaneous

Manager or partners must not endanger their SCI (© Damien Meyer – AFP) A member of an SCI had a debt. He had given a building that belonged to the SCI as a payment guarantee to his creditor. But the Court of Cassation recalled that this is not possible when it endangers the existence of … Read more

Where are we with the easy termination of borrower insurance? – Expert opinion

Astrid Monnet Biography After a license in Information-Communication, Astrid Monnet turned to web marketing and web writing. She is currently a writer for an insurance broker. Created in 1999, is an independent insurance and credit brokerage firm. For almost 20 years … Read more Being able to represent up to 30% of the total … Read more