Rebecca Koha has received specially selected gifts from her beloved – Celebrities

In a recent post on Instagram, she showed her followers what gifts Moaz was “using”. “Moses treats me like a queen,” Koha boasts, revealing that she received a ring on the six-month anniversary of the relationship, and on her 22nd birthday, a necklace with a symbol of infinity with the names of her lovers, Moses … Read more

Rebecca Koha publishes words of gratitude to her fiancé and supporters – Celebrities

The athlete deleted all the photos from her social networks, but now posted a new text in the short stories that disappear after 24 hours on the site “Instagram”. “First of all, thank you for my love for Moaz. Although one word” thank you “is not enough. I love you endlessly, darling. The whole last … Read more

Rebecca Koha announces conversion to Islam – Other sports – – Sports

Koha writes that she has made a great decision, for which she feels happy and grateful, as well as feels confident that she is doing the right thing. She asks others to respect this decision and calls on those who have nothing good to say about this choice to obey. As is customary in Muslim … Read more