After his meeting with Mohammed bin Salman, the writer of the article “The Atlantic” recalls what the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia said about Biden

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Graeme Wood, journalistic writer for The Atlantic, who gave an interview that sparked widespread controversy and interaction with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, commented on the scheduling of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, recalling What the prince said in his interview. Wood said in an … Read more

Ikea recalls part of Metallisk coffee maker

Ikea is withdrawing its Metallisk espresso machine with a stainless steel safety valve from 2040 to 2204 due to reports of an increased risk of sudden decomposition during use. Content will continue after the ad Advertising It calls on all customers who have purchased this espresso machine (0.4 l) with a stainless steel safety valve … Read more

Ikea recalls part of its espresso machine

As the company informed the company, “Ikea” has received information about the increased risk that the product may suddenly decompose during use. The risk has increased after the material and design of the safety valve have been changed during production, so only products with a stainless steel safety valve (silver / gray) are recalled. … Read more

Ishmael was stabbed to death by a colleague at the Anderlecht slaughterhouses: “His wife was in an unspeakable state”, recalls his sister

Ishmael was stabbed to death by one of these colleagues, following an altercation. It was a month ago, at the slaughterhouses of Anderlecht, in the Brussels region. Today, the alleged perpetrator, who does not deny the facts, was able to leave prison and benefit from an electronic bracelet. The victim’s sister does not understand this … Read more

Urban Remedy recalls strawberry drink after US hepatitis A outbreak

No illnesses have been reported from the Urban Remedy drink, the FDA said. The California-based company announced the voluntary recall of its “Organic Revitalizing Tea Tonic Strawberry Hibiscus Rose” on Friday and the FDA released it on Sunday. “The product may contain fresh organic strawberries linked to the FDA’s investigation of the FreshKampo organic strawberry … Read more

I was shot from a window with a submachine gun, Hübschman recalls, why he ended up in Shakhtar

Each of us sometimes wonders how fast time flies. Days and years pass us by the pace of the sprinter. But there are people who feel like time has stopped. Or that they possess some mysterious ability that allows them to exist and function outside of time and space. They are always the same and … Read more

Rafał Brzozowski recalls his performance at Eurovision 2021 and cuts off the speculation: “I never got anything done” (VIDEO)

One of the members of the Polish team fell ill with COVID-19, so the musician spent most of his time locked in a hotel room. Rafał regrets that he missed most of the meetings with other participants and Eurovision fans. Today I can say a few things coolly. First of all, it was postovid time. … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | The newspaper wrote for a month what I did wrong, Hadamczik recalls his “Guy”

“The Guy guy’s case looks the same, whether in February or May,” Martin Kézr, editor of Práva and, begins his analysis of the situation. However, in the end he found a difference. because he no longer appeared at the December tournament, “he returns to the Beijing Olympics. “Kari Jalonen and Filip Chlapík calculated. I … Read more

Comment: Today, Russia recalls the times when the world took it seriously

Her name is Anna. Her modest house stands in Ukraine near the border with Russia. Anna is good and honest, she does not deal with the Ukrainian Nazis, so when smiling, brave soldiers came from the Moscow side, she happily met them with the flag of all the proletarians of the world! With a Soviet … Read more

The limited edition Abarth recalls the iconic rally special

While Abarth is expected to begin its electric era with a sharp version of the new Fiat 500e, the Italian carmaker unveiled another update in March this year for aging combustion models 595 and 695 based on the last generation of the 500th. Now comes the limited edition. 695 The Tribute 131 Rally pays tribute … Read more