Lottery of receipts with instant drawing: the novelty in an amendment of the Pnrr

8/10 © IPA / Photogram Prizes and announcements of winnings have not yet been decided: for that reason, the provisions of the Customs agency and monopolies, in agreement with theRevenue Agencywhere “all the technical modalities of all the receipt lotteriesboth snapshots and deferred “and the”mining operationsthe entity and number of prizes made available ”, as … Read more

Lottery of receipts, change the mechanism and instant prizes arrive: this is how it works

The rule – “This is an already written, agreed rule, on which there is no political problem, which will be included in the first useful legislative measure which can be simplification: it is an essential measure”, assured Freni. The new version of the receipt lottery was expected in the last simplification decree linked to the … Read more

the winning tickets on Thursday 5 May

As many of you already know, the receipt lottery has also been confirmed for 2022. This is the free competition linked to the Italia Cashless program developed by the former Conte government to encourage the use of credit, debit, ATM, prepaid and payment apps. Those who have not yet participated in the receipt lottery can … Read more

Cross-checks on Pos, receipts and credit cards: small expenses will also be tracked

Imagine a continuous flow of data that, from the Pos of bars, restaurants and shops, will go straight to the Revenue Agency. Every day, throughout Italy. With the eyes of the tax authorities, therefore, focus on cash registers thanks to that small electronic device that allows payments with digital currency. Which from now on will … Read more

Cinema: receipts; at the top Morbius, box office uphill – Culture & Entertainment

He leaps to the top of the Cinetel charts of Daniel Espinosa’s ‘Morbius’ weekend, with a collection of € 1,602,395 in four days. The new character of the Marvel universe, a scientist who will become of him despite a vampire, takes away the scepter from ‘The Batman’ which slips to fourth place with 355,772 euros … Read more

The source of Kwak Jeong-eun’s dignity is his bankbook and monthly income… Hourly earnings continue to rise, national receipts

Jeong-eun Kwak and Eun-i Song ‘satisfied’ with doppelganger style “‘Yeoncham’ Kim Sook shows sympathy and anger well”“My pride comes from my bankbook status and monthly income” Photo courtesy of KBS Joy ‘National Receipt’ ‘National Receipt’ Kwak Jeong-eun becomes ‘unknown’ (a person who does not know finance). On the 26th episode of the KBS Joy entertainment … Read more

Russian market collapses, sanctions freeze funds-Russian depositary receipts fall 98%-Bloomberg

Russia’s stock market has been closed and cash payments to foreign investors have been totally banned. Funds in London and New York have stopped trading. At present, Russia-related financial assets appear to have been largely frozen, to say the least. Exports of commodities that hold the lifeline of the Russian economy have also been disrupted, … Read more

Cash receipts are now only available from Coop on request

Coop wants to become more sustainable. To this end, the retailer is now banning automatically printed receipts from the branches. As with the self-checkout tills, receipts should no longer be distributed at the tills with staff. The group announced this on Tuesday. Only customers who explicitly want a receipt after shopping will still receive it. … Read more

Sharp acceleration in retail receipts in January

The Swiss retail trade benefited at the start of the year from a strong acceleration in turnover. The increase in receipts in January was notably driven by soaring fuel prices. In January, retail trade turnover increased by 5.1% over one year, or 4.8% adjusted for calendar effects, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) announced in a … Read more

IOS bug causing the iPhone to send message read receipts even if it is disabled

Users reported that Apple’s Messages app was sending read receipts despite turning off the setting. While not a new issue, it is a recurring bug in iOS that causes read receipts to appear even after the feature is turned off. Scroll down to read more details on the topic. Messages bug on iOS sends read … Read more