The controversial photo of Milly Quezada in which even she does not recognize herself

After the controversy that has arisen in social networks for the promotional photo of Milly Quezada, where the use of photoshop is abused, the so-called “Queen of merengue”, who is one of the judges of the show that will be released soon by Telesistema, He referred to the photograph and recognized it is too retouched. … Read more

New Corona Variants Emerge, Recognize Various Symptoms

Jakarta – The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for more than a year. Those infected with the disease have shown a variety symptoms of Corona, from mild and moderate, to severe or critical. With the virus changing shape rapidly and with new variants being discovered, newer and less common symptoms are seen in infected patients. … Read more

Sad news about Bogumiła Wander. “He doesn’t recognize me” – o2

When Bogumiła Wander started to decline due to Alzheimer’s disease, she ended up in a center in Konstancin. It is true that she appeared in public, but it was obvious that she was very much confused. The husband was unable to provide her with adequate care. He sold the apartment to ensure his wife stayed … Read more

Recognize the Causes of High Stomach Acid and How to Treat it – The stomach is an organ that helps the digestion process of the food you consume. One of the mechanisms is by producing gastric acid. Gastric acid serves to break down food so that it is more easily absorbed by the body. In addition, stomach acid is also able to kill almost all microorganisms … Read more

After Dogs, Scientists Train Bees to Recognize Covid-19 Sufferers A recent news came from scientists from Wageningen University at Netherlands. After dog trained to recognize Covid-19 sufferers, this time, experts are training bee to identify Covid-19 through its sense of smell. The study was carried out on more than 150 bees in the Wageningen University bio-veterinary research laboratory. As quoted from Science Alert, … Read more

PKB-PDIP did not recognize, Regent Nganjuk was ‘banished’ after the KPK OTT

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The National Awakening Party (PKB) and the PDI Perjuangan are united in disregard Regent Nganjuk Novi Rahman Hidayat as a cadre of the two parties after being caught in the arrest operation (OTT) of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). PKB requested that Novi’s whereabouts be linked because he was no longer … Read more

The Brussels courts are trying to identify 2 authors of a home invasion committed in Jette: do you recognize them? (Pictures)

At the request of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the federal police issued a call for witnesses to help investigators find the two perpetrators of a home invasion committed on Monday February 8 at around 9.45 a.m. in a house located on Boulevard De Smet de Naeyer in Jette, according to a tweet this Monday … Read more

Jean Paul Strauss on his mother: “He doesn’t recognize me anymore, but we love each other”

Jean Paul Strauss and ‘Marcelo Motta’ appeared in the special for the Mother’s Day what did he do I am, great battles, great celebrities the last Saturday May 8th. After performing the song “Hallelujah”, the Peruvian singer took a few minutes to dedicate a meaningful message to the woman who gave him life. The interpreter … Read more

Ever experienced? Recognize Causes of Left Chest Pain |

PrimaBerita – Left chest pain is sometimes associated with a heart attack. However, this condition can actually occur due to other health problems. Maybe you have experienced chest pain on the left side. So if it happens because of a heart attack, it requires emergency help and medical treatment as soon as possible. So it … Read more

The Lithuanian president says that the people will “never recognize” the annexation of Russia’s Crimea

On Monday, the President of Lithuania strongly opposed Russia’s annexation of Crimea by Ukraine in 2014 and the Kremlin’s recent military actions against its Eastern European neighbors. Gitana Nauseda was in Warsaw, addressing a remote session of Polish and Lithuanian parliamentarians, marking the 230th anniversary of their common constitution, the first democratic document written in … Read more