Russia has recognized the United States and the Czech Republic as “unfriendly countries”; EU warns of deteriorating relations / Article

Russia has officially recognized the United States and the Czech Republic as unfriendly countries. This was in response to sanctions imposed by Washington and Prague’s accusations against Russia of harmful activities by its special services on Czech territory. This step is another proof of the deteriorating relations between Russia and the West. Russia has recognized … Read more

Nerve! Humberto López is recognized for defending human rights

The joke is told alone, woman abuser, defamer, and spokesman for the Castro dictatorship Humberto Lopez They will award him the “Replica of the Martian Machete” for his alleged action “in defense of human rights.” The information was released by the National Unit of Jurists of Cuba, which specified that the recognition will be delivered … Read more

WhatsApp shocks its users with a porn emotion that he recognized

02/15 19:03 The most popular instant messaging application “WhatsApp” announced that it will soon launch a new set of “emojis” or its own emoji, which it will launch during the current year 2019, and among them came a controversial emoji. “WhatsApp” indicated that 270 emojis will be introduced during 2019, for all types of smartphones, … Read more


After examining Palink’s complaint, the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court (VAAT) upheld that the Competition Council had reasonably recognized the company for violating the Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Practices by Retail Companies (MPĮNVDĮ), but reduced the fine imposed on it. VAAT found that Palink had violated the MPĮNVD by forcing 7 suppliers supplying food … Read more

Mask “KAZE”, a new, clean and safe alternative. It is recognized worldwide by Siam Rath.

“KAZE Original”, the fifth factor for everyday life, protects the respiratory system according to KN95 / FFP2 standards and enhances the wearer’s personality. Come to choose from a variety of colors and sizes that suit the user. And perfection in terms of quality Comfort and design all combine to make KAZE the go-to brand for … Read more

At Risk Of Death, This Is A Symptom Of Liver Cirrhosis That Must Be Recognized – Many people may still not be familiar with liver siriosis. Even if it is not detected early, this disease can be at risk of death. For those who don’t know, cirrhosis of the liver itself is simply a chronic liver damage due to liver fibrosis. Apart from not having typical symptoms at an … Read more

The first actor Manuel Guízar dies; recognized for participating in various theatrical works

Manuel Guízar was part of the National Theater Company. Photo: Instagram / @andi_mexico The first actor Manuel Guízar, one of the actors who in 1988 founded El Corral de Comedia de Morelia, Michoacán, died on Saturday night after being convalescent for several days. Who was Manuel Guízar? The Michoacan histrion, who had more than 55 … Read more

Snowbirds unable to get their vaccine recognized

Snowbirds vaccinated against COVID-19 in the United States are struggling to get their vaccination recognized once back in Quebec. Although aware of the situation, the Ministry of Health was not able to detail the corrective measures envisaged. Claire Boutin, who spent her winter in Florida, received two doses of the Moderna vaccine in recent months. … Read more

Biden recognized the Armenian massacre as genocide

“We remember the lives of all those killed in the Ottoman-era Armenian genocide and are committed to preventing such atrocities from recurring,” Biden said in a statement. “And we remember to be constantly vigilant against the devastating effects of hatred in any form,” he said. This statement is a huge victory for Armenia and its … Read more

The Moscow prosecutor’s office is demanding that the Navalny Anti-Corruption Fund be recognized as an extremist organization

Prosecutors have inspected these organizations on behalf of the Prosecutor General’s Office. The study found that “under the guise of liberal slogans, these organizations are working to create the conditions for destabilizing the social and socio-political situation.” Navalny FBK has already been declared a “foreign agent”. Navalny suffered ill on a flight from Tomsk to … Read more