Outlook and risks in 2021: how to design a profitable portfolio | Opinion

A bond and equity mutual fund can be made to perform well despite the difficult environment. The bonds of developed countries offer yields below 1% and are even negative for members of the eurozone. The Federal Reserve, the ECB and the central banks of most developed countries will maintain interest rates close to zero until … Read more

【This plugin fixes bad recoil system of Microsoft Flight Simulator】 👀

Microsoft Flight Simulator includes a significant amount of ground service operations from the start. This includes things like catwalks, ramp connections, refueling, luggage carts, and even a catering truck. But even if it’s okay when you’re at the door, eventually your plane will have to fly. This is where the reverse pull comes in, to … Read more

SOROS NEWS INDRA – Indra ‘short tsunami’: three funds open a downward position due to Soros’ slipstream

Something is cooking in Indra so that some of the most powerful investment funds in the world, with hundreds of billions in assets, have turned their attention to a ‘small’ Ibex 35 company, which is barely worth 1.4 billion on the stock market. The company controlled by the State (SEPI) and the March family (Corporación … Read more

“I see a permanent setback in Argentina,” said Duhalde

Former President Eduardo Duhalde said today that he sees Argentina in “a permanent setback” and specified that the country’s leaders “are headstrong and do not understand that there are people who are very bad.” “We Argentines are hopeless and our leaders are so stubborn that they do not understand that a pandemic situation like this … Read more

Municipality backed down with human forage and there is anger

Although they had the endorsement of Municipality to return to the ring this Monday, after more than 130 unopened days, the human forage, the courts soccer and other facilities to train with social distancing were excluded from the flexibilization. The Municipality changed its plans, as it already happened in the past with some outdoor sports … Read more