They also make the revolution | TELEVISION

The revolutionary struggles throughout history were not something exclusive to men. This is how the documentary shows Cubans: women in revolution, written and directed by María Torrellas. The film rescues the role played by women both in the guerrilla struggle and in the future of the Cuban Revolution, up to the present day. Starting from … Read more

A landscape for desolation | TELEVISION

After taking the novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares to the cinema, Sleep in the sun, Argentine director and screenwriter Alejandro Chomski once again adapts a literary work to the big screen in In the country of last Things, inspired by the homonymous science fiction novel that Paul Auster published in 1987. Filmmaker and author worked … Read more

Death as a place of reunion | Television

Public Television will present the film tonight The Sound of Tulips, directed by Alberto Masliah, which is set in the crisis and difficult social context of 2001. This 2018 police thriller takes place in the city of Buenos Aires. There, Marcelo Di Marco, a writer turned journalist, must retrace the last steps of his father, … Read more