Boris Johnson canceled Christmas festivities in London and south-east England: ordered strict reconfinement for a new strain of coronavirus

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced this Saturday that London and the southeast of England will be confined again from this Sunday to try to control a rise in covid-19 infections, attributed to a new strain. “It appears that this spread is fueled by a new variant of the virus“, what “seems to be … Read more

Turkey institutes partial reconfinement due to increase in cases

The Turks will have to respect a partial lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic that is experiencing a dangerous expansion in the country, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday. “We are facing a very serious situation. The number of cases and deaths has reached a worrying level, especially in Istanbul,” Erdogan told a news … Read more

Reconfinement: the Region is stepping up its aid – Reconfinement: all you need to know about business aid

Lecture : 2 minutes The Region is strengthening its support systems for businesses and shops. Here is the detail. The President of the Brittany Region, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, and Laurence Fortin, Vice-president for the economy, announced new measures to help companies and associations cope with the situation. 1 The Covid-resistance loan: aid ceiling doubled from November … Read more

Real estate, working, insurance, shopping 12 financial questions on reconfinement

Is my real estate purchase plan compromised? Can I continue to sell on Leboncoin? How do I return an order on Amazon? Will my employer cover the cost of the work? The editorial staff answers practical questions that affect your bills, your income, your credit, your accommodation. 1 Can I visit a place to rent … Read more

Trignac. Elected officials ready to face the reconfinement

Faced with the new health emergency situation which triggered the second confinement, the elected officials of the municipal majority of Trignac and the association Ensemble act for Trignac which supports them, note that economic activity will be partly preserved. “At the cost of great efforts by the community and taking into account the first experience, … Read more

Boris Johnson, about to announce the reconfinement of England

Saturday, October 31, 2020 – 11:43 AM – Agencies British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended up changing his approach to coronavirus and is about to announce a second general lockdown in England from next week and for a month, various media said on Saturday. According to the main political journalist of the BBC public radio, … Read more

Reconfinement: is the price we are willing to pay to save a life blazing?

What price of life to avoid the death of the economy? Life or the stock market? The economy or COVID-19? Answer, both, dosing at best, explaining and above all convincing – let’s hope so. As we have seen: the choice is a partial reconfinement, to reduce the number of cases and deaths as much as … Read more

71% of companies apprehend a reconfinement – Infomediary

A proportion of 71% of companies fear a return to confinement imposed by the health crisis linked to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19), according to the High Commission for Planning (HCP). By category of business, half of very small businesses (VSEs) declared that the restrictive measures put in place by the administrative authorities … Read more

Local reconfinement, reduce the social bubble, communication: Emmanuel André details three solutions to fight against the resumption of the coronavirus

Virologist Emmanuel André detailed this afternoon three solutions that are being considered to avoid a second wave of coronavirus. According to the virologist, today Belgium is facing a controllable situation with the taking of localized measures. Coronavirus figures continue to worry in Belgium. The number of contaminations is increasing and the next National Security Council, … Read more