Sebastián Borensztein, from cinema to literature: tango, Nazis and methamphetamine in a novel that reconstructs the 1940s

Sebastián Borensztein (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)In Montevideo, Uruguay, Sebastián Borenstein he travels the city with his work team. Search locations for an Amazon series that starts filming in just a few days. “It’s a pretty big project, but I can’t tell you more. Until Amazon makes the official announcement I can’t ”, he tells Infobae Culture … Read more

Photographer reconstructs the face of Jesus with artificial intelligence and the image goes viral (but something does not convince users)

Bas Uterwijk created his artistic representation using a series of known images of Christ and tried to adapt his appearance to the geographical area and time of history. With the help of artificial intelligence, a Dutch photographer has created an image of Jesus that ended up going viral on the Internet, however, many users and … Read more