[1/29GeneralEpidemic]Mexico’s number of deaths surpassed India to become the third in the world, Malaysia’s record-breaking increase of 5725 cases per day| Apple News Network| Apple Daily

After the Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic spread from China to the world in December 2019, so far, more than 101 million people have been infected, of which more than 2.193 million have died. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals of the United States announced today (29th) that its single-dose Wuhan pneumonia vaccine has undergone large-scale clinical trials … Read more

SpaceX launched a record-breaking 143 satellites at one time, but the price is so low that even customers are afraid of it | TechNews

At 11 o’clock in the evening on January 24, the Falcon 9 rocket sent 143 small satellites from various national agencies to the sky at one time, setting the record for the largest number of simultaneous launches in history. The two cubic satellites Yushan independently developed by the Taiwan team , Flying Squirrel is fortunate … Read more

BP cuts dividends after record-breaking second quarter

RECORD WATCH: BP delivered results for the second quarter on Tuesday. Here by CEO Bernard Looney. Photo: AFP Oil Christian Arthur Wahl Lund 08:49 – 4 Aug. | Updated 9:15 p.m. The London-based oil company, BP, on Tuesday released record-breaking figures for the second quarter. The company was able, according to Reuters, to report a … Read more