Now Yaku Pérez calls for a recount of all votes in Ecuador

The indigenous candidate for the presidency of Ecuador Yaku Pérez asked the Constitutional Court this Friday for precautionary measures in the face of what he considers an electoral fraud, and the suspension of the vote until the votes are counted in the 24 provinces of the country. “Let them be opened in the 24 provinces … Read more

Two presidential candidates from Ecuador ask for the recount of the votes of the first round due to possible fraud

The former right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso and the indigenous leader of the left Yaku perez, who dispute the second quota for the presidential ballot of Ecuador, agreed on Friday before the Electoral Council request a vote recount to discard an alleged fraud in the first round. “Our proposal is that this (electoral) process be suspended … Read more

Yaku Pérez does not accept results in Ecuador and asks for a recount

The indigenous leader, Yaku Pérez, asked this Thursday before the electoral body of Ecuador a new vote-by-vote recount of the presidential suffrage in seven provinces of the South American country, and the center-right candidate Guillermo Lasso, to support his proposal, according to EFE. “The fraud is consummating, today we are going to go to this … Read more

Trump spent $ 3 million on a Wisconsin recount that has increased Biden’s total vote

Donald Trump has spent $ 3 million on a vote count in Wisconsin, increasing Joe Biden’s total. Biden’s count increased by 132 votes in Milwaukee County, one of the two districts where Trump sought a recount. Milwaukee County’s vote total increased for both candidates after election officials found several hundred uncounted ballots earlier this week. … Read more

Trump pays 3 million for another recount in Milwaukee … and Biden gets even more votes

Present The percentage of error found was 0.0008% Trump pays 3 million for another recount in Miwaukee … and Biden gets even more votes EFE Sequal setbacks for Donald Trump in their attempts to reverse the outcome of the presidential election from the United States. The lawsuits filed by his legal team in court have, … Read more

US Elections: Megan Rapinoe mocks Trump after recount results come in

US Elections Latest spat between winner of The Best and the president Megan Rapinoe is one of the American athletes who has expressed the strongest opposition to Donald Trump during his presidency and now she has taken to social media to comment on the results of the US election. Recounts have been taken place in … Read more

Trump campaign requests vote recount in Georgia – NBC Denver

President Donald Trump’s campaign called for a vote recount in Georgia’s presidential race this Saturday, a day after state officials certified results showing Democrat Joe Biden won the state, as his legal team forges ahead with attacks. alleging widespread fraud without proof. The Georgia results showed that Biden beat Trump by 12,670 votes out of … Read more

Greta Thunberg mocks Trump’s nervousness at the recount: “Easy, Donald, easy!”

ABC Updated:06/11/2020 09:44h save Related news Activist Greta Thunberg replied in social networks to Donald Trump to the messages that the president puts on the counting of votes in the US presidential elections. To do this, he has decided to use the same words that the North American used in the COP25 climate change meeting in … Read more

Republican leaders distance themselves from Trump and defend the recount | Economy

Leaders of the Republican Party, including the powerful senators Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio, have stayed out of the accusations of irregularities of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who has declared himself the winner of the presidential elections without having finished the scrutiny, and instead defended the counting of the votes. McConnell, … Read more

The Trump campaign asks for a recount in Wisconsin before the winner is known • Hola News

ELECTIONS Washington, Nov 4 (EFE News) .- The re-election campaign of US President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that it will ask for a recount in the key state of Wisconsin, despite the fact that no media projections have yet declared a winner in that territory. “The president is within the margin to ask for … Read more