Champagne X recounts the heat of the past. Sia invites to eat a million meals a meal, shoot 3 million porn rates

Disappeared from the industry long enough For the former sexy million dollar star “Champagne X” Sexy goddess in the old age that no young man does not know. After marrying her husband, aged over 16 years, she went to become a farmer who farmed more than 200 rai to become idols of many girls. Recently, … Read more

footballer recounts his pain after leak of intimate photos

It was as fast as it was painful, when almost two years ago, in the middle of European spring, a hacker invaded Leigh Nicol’s iCloud account and changed her life forever. The Scottish footballer, who was only 18 years old at the time, could not believe what was happening to her. A private message on … Read more

Tamara Bykova recounts her Covid-19: “You’re going to hell”

Pierre-Yves MUELGetty Images Being a great elite athlete does not save you from suffering the worst symptoms of Covid-19. Ask Tamara Bykova, the first world high jump champion in the Helsinki World Cup 1983, the world record holder between that year and the next, jumping 2.05 meters, and bronze in the 1988 Seoul Olympics with … Read more

“The prince of rap”: Janet Hubert-Whitten recounts the drama that lived after leaving the series | Aunt Vivian Banks | Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | Will Smith nnda nnlt

The cast of “The Prince of rap”(“ The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ”, in its original language) met on a special program to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the hit nineties series starring Will Smith, who gave life to a boy from Philadelphia whom his mother sends to live with wealthy relatives … Read more

Emma Stone recounts her mother’s cancer prompted her to help out

United States.- Emma Stone knows first-hand the effect of a diagnosis of Cancer: its mother battled breast cancer when the actress was only 19 years old and has said this has driven a help to others. For some, going through a parent’s cancer with them can bring children even closer to their parents; Challenging weather … Read more

A doctor denounces the College of Barcelona and recounts his ‘Calvary’ for not being independent

The doctor specialized in Preventive Medicine and Public Health Alex Ramos (Burgos, 1959) has denounced the Barcelona Medical College for unfair dismissal. He attributes the termination of his contract to a “political retaliation” linked to his fight against independence in his role as vice president of the Catalan Civil Society association (SCC). Ramos had been … Read more

Ilan Stavans recounts the Popol Vuh in English and in a picture book

The Mexican writer and academic Ilan Stavans has just published an English translation of the Popol Vhu, a classic work that compilation of legends of the Mayan civilization. It tells the creation of the universe and that of the human being. As well as the exploits of the twin brothers Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué, victorious over … Read more

Miss Venezuela recounts her experience in a pandemic

CARACAS (AP) – Venezuela made a prerecorded edition without the usual screams of the Miss Venezuela public in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The new sovereign of beauty, Mariangel Villasmil, admitted on Tuesday that she missed the emotions of the live show of the “most beautiful night” in Venezuela, but said she was focused … Read more

Cuban recounts her mother’s experience in a US hospital and it goes viral

A Cuban woman recounted on social networks the experience of her mother, who had just arrived from the island in the United States, receiving care in a hospital in that country, where the old woman hid a pain in her chest so as not to “cause a gigantic expense” to her daughter. The story went … Read more