Water infiltration and construction problem: What recourse does the owner have?

As an owner, you ask yourself what behavior to adopt in the face of water damage linked to a construction problem after expertise? The lawyers at Groupe SVP, an information and decision support service, answer your questions. What recourse does the owner of a property victim have of water infiltration linked to a construction problem … Read more

The camp of the outgoing president in love with recourse

Lawsuits were dismissed by judges for lack of evidence or dropped by the Trump campaign team itself. A lawyer took the wrong court in Michigan to file an appeal. A firm has asked to withdraw from a Pennsylvania case. This is what the outgoing president’s judicial guerrilla war looks like, barely two weeks after the … Read more

Investments: your recourse in the face of a disturbed real estate market

In the new made to plan, the promoter must provide proof from the project manager indicating the duration of the delay and the new delivery date envisaged. (© Fotolia) The health crisis has lengthened the delays in a real estate market at a standstill during confinement. Our practical advice regarding the consequences of the delicate … Read more