His symptoms recreated the atmosphere of Corona panic

The “respiratory syncytial” virus, which recently spread strongly in Egypt’s schools, restored the atmosphere of panic that accompanied the spread of Corona in the past two years in Egypt, in light of the increasing infection with the virus among children, which is similar to influenza and Corona. And its symptoms, similar to the Corona virus, … Read more

24h vélo: Jamy (It’s not rocket science) congratulates the students who recreated Marcel’s truck

Like every year, the 24 hours of cycling in Louvain-la-Neuve welcomed dozens of folkloric bikes. These are bikes decorated and transformed into a tank. During this edition, the title of the most beautiful folk bike was once again won by the Kot-à-Jeux (KAJ), a kot-à-project centered around board games. A reward that has made people … Read more

modder recreated the original Half-Life on the classic Doom engine

Russian modder LoliKololi released a modification of Half-Life: Another Story that recreates elements of the original Half-Life on the classic Doom engine. It is currently available as an extended demo that includes the first two maps. Image source: moddb.com Half-Life: Another Story is a loose sequel to the 1999 Half-Life: Opposing Force add-on and tells … Read more

A 16-year-old man from Brussels recreated the STIB metro network on Minecraft: “The hardest station to make was Erasme”

A young 16-year-old YouTuber has recreated the entire STIB metro network in the famous Minecraft video game. And the Brussels public transport company appreciated the gesture, to the point of sharing its creation. Mickaël Ba, alias “DoctorGaffle” on YouTube, at 16 years old. He is currently studying rheto in Brussels. Like many players, he is … Read more

Interpreting a deeper doomsday survival mood, try the “Last Survivor Song” recreated for the PS5 platform

Rebuilt for the PlayStation 5 platform“The Last of Us”mainly strengthens the reconstruction of the game scene, the tension of the plot, and adds a new way of playing, and even adds auxiliary play functions, so that more players can play easily. What kind of differences are there in the version launched on the PlayStation 3 … Read more

Silent Hill 2 is faithfully recreated in Unreal Engine 5

Silent Hill 2 is one of the most acclaimed survival horror in history and there are not a few fans who, in the absence of a remake or remastering in conditions -it is better than Silent Hill HD Collection remains in the drawer of oblivion-, they decide to create their own updated version of the … Read more

Piotr Gąsowski and Hanna Śleszyńska recreated a photo from years ago. Fans amused

Jakub Gąsowski He was born on August 27, 1997 as the fruit of love Hanna Śleszyńska i Piotr Gąsowski. The acting couple’s son followed in the footsteps of his parents. In 2020, he graduated from the Acting Department of the Theater Academy in Warsaw. So far, he has appeared in several popular series and feature … Read more

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode is so promising, they’ve even recreated PT’s chilling demo

Some dataminers discovered how to access this popular mode. It was the middle Windows Central who reported that various dataminers took advantage of the cooperative beta version of the campaign Halo Infinite for access this Forge mode. Given this, there are already multiple creations that have surprised a lot. One of them is the recreation … Read more

How Naughty Dog Recreated ‘The Last of Us Part 1’

[자료제공: 소니인터랙티브] Naughty Dog introduced visuals and improved gameplay in a new video. In this video, creative director Shawn Escaig and game director Matthew Gallant worked together to discuss various updates and improvements of the game in depth. supports native 4K at 30 FPS or dynamic 4K at 60 FPS, and utilizes the haptic function, … Read more

Pure nostalgia – 22 pictures that were recreated years later

When browsing through old photo albums (or USB sticks), we keep discovering gems from our past. With some, we then think to ourselves: What would that look like today? The following people wanted to answer exactly this question and simply recreated the photos. Here the result: Who can claim to still fit into the same … Read more