Artist recreates first-generation Pokémon with Excel

Excel it can be a canvas ready for artwork, especially if it is pixel art. This time, a creative fan of the Pokémon saga decided to capture his favorite memories and recreate the sprites of the first creatures in an Excel spreadsheet. We must remember that the first generation of Pokémon has 151 quite original … Read more

21 years later: Jay Lo recreates his iconic video, throwing his clothes on the beach

Despite all the laws of time, some people remain unaffected by its power, and the ageless Jennifer Lopez, who even at the age of 51 is able to ignite men’s fantasies as if with just a single magic finger click, can definitely serve as an example. for this “anomaly”. If, however, someone needs visual evidence … Read more

An Overwatch fan realistically recreates portraits of the different characters

We have seen how many users get involved in trying to offer improvements in the games, with mods, or recreating the phases in other graphics engines. But there are also those who use other types of tools to make other types of content. And we have found a really striking contribution, in which a fan … Read more

Overwatch gamer’s father recreates character emotes in viral video

After several years on the web, an Overwatch video has gone viral again thanks to the original idea of ​​a father and son gamer of the title. Overwatch and an unapologetic father have started to go viral thanks to a series of videos where parodies the gestures and emotes of the characters from Blizzard’s hero … Read more

El Universal Online – Karla Panini recreates video of the girl blowing the cake and the networks hate her even more

Hey. Again Carla Panini has been talking about on social networks, but now she has nothing to do with conflicts between friends, but this time, she tried to recreate the viral video that has circulated all over the Internet, where a girl was about to blow on the little candle on her birthday cake, but … Read more

PHOTO: Actor Jeff Goldblum recreates at 67 an iconic fragment with an open shirt from the movie ‘Jurassic Park’

He did it to thank his followers for registering to vote in the US presidential elections. The American actor and musician, Jeff Goldblum, 67, recreated the famous fragment of the movie ‘Jurassic Park’, released in 1993, in which he appears with his shirt open. Goldblum, who also starred in mythical films such as ‘La mosca’ … Read more

VIDEOS: TikTok users end up with injuries when participating in a viral challenge that recreates the dances of rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

The choreography was created by dancer Brian Esperon for the song ‘WAP’ by American singers, which has been played more than 15 million times. A dance performed by a choreographer for the song ‘WAP’, by American rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, caused numerous injuries among netizens who tried to repeat it. The choreography, … Read more

It recreates the smell of the moon

Montégut-Lauragais | He has never donned a diving suit or been in space. But in his laboratory with a thousand bottles in the southwest of France, the “aroma sculptor” Michaël Moisseeff has reconstructed the smell … of the Moon. Floral shirt and white hair tied back, this 66-year-old trained geneticist has dedicated his life to … Read more