Marcelo Polino made a strong revelation about Martín Redrado and the daughter of Luciana Salazar

close friend of Luciana Salazar and godfather of the little girl Matilda, Marcelo Polino disclosed the agreement Martin Redrado would have with his ex-partner, regarding the minor, after his tremendous media and legal crosses. “Luciana doesn’t care about Redrado’s love life. She is in another. But they say ‘she is a crazy woman who persecutes … Read more

Luciana Salazar made Matilda pose divine but they pointed out her resemblance to Redrado

Luciana Salazar he has no peace. Whatever you do, There will always be something or someone who reminds you of your life when you were a couple with Martín Redrado. And much more now, that they are engaged in legal proceedings with the economist who, in addition, has just announced that he is marrying his … Read more

The forceful criticism of Luciana Salazar for the scandals with Redrado: «Soltá…» | New Web Diary

For months, Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado have had a strong media and legal fight. It all started when the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina cut off the credit cards of the former “ShowMatch: La Academia” participant. She was very hurt by what happened and decided to make it public. Given this, … Read more

Mysterious messages from Luciana Salazar in the midst of her conflict with Martín Redrado

Although they parted ways a long time ago, Luciana Salazar y Martin Redrado follow in conflict. In the middle of scandal with his exwhich escalated to Justice after a failed mediation, Luciana went on vacation to Disney with her daughter Matilda. After having shared the most beautiful photo album touring the land of fantasy with … Read more

In Punta del Este: of Justina Bustos, caught red-handed with a new boyfriend? to the rest of Robertito and Martín Redrado with their partner

The summer season started and Punta del Este was filled with celebrities. As every year, many environmental figures chose the Uruguayan coasts to welcome the year and begin their well-deserved vacations after an arduous 2021. From Justina bustos until Robertito Funes Ugarte, we show you who are already enjoying the sun and the sea with … Read more