Reduce the pressure! How much did the United States earn from the oil seized from Iran?

WASHINGTON, (United States) .- More than 40 million dollars were collected by the United States government in an auction of crude oil from Iran which was requisitioned in August when four ships en route to Venezuela they were intercepted. The limitation was made this Thursday, October 29. Washington announced last August the record seizure of … Read more

Ethanol helps reduce the level of greenhouse gases | Economy

In 2015, Colombia assumed the challenge of reducing 20% ​​of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as part of its commitment to mitigate the impacts of climate change. To advance that purpose, among other actions, The National Government through the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development issued Resolution 1962 of 2017 that set a limit … Read more

FEMALE HEALTH – Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of breast cancer

Among the many benefits of breastfeeding is a reduction in the risk of breast cancer in the mother. Carola León, a certified lactation consultant by the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP), explains that high levels of estrogen in premenopausal women increase the risk of breast cancer, but during lactation levels of this hormone … Read more

CICE, Responsibility Pact … What impact on employment of measures to reduce labor costs by François Hollande?

According to a note from the Banque de France, the CICE and the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact implemented during François Hollande’s five-year term made it possible to create 240,000 market jobs between 2015 and 2019. That is to say nearly a quarter of a million of jobs created over the period. Symbol of the “social-liberal … Read more

ASPIRIN could reduce the risk of breast cancer Discover this drug!

Benefits of aspirin for breast cancer. Photo: Selecciones de México magazine The aspirin It was developed in the 1890s, and has been shown to provide a number of potential benefits, such as relieving pain, lowering fever, and preventing heart attacks and strokes. Over the past 20 years, the list of potential benefits of aspirin has … Read more

Reduce the pace of navigation to help the climate – Biodiversity

Reducing the speed of large ships whose impact automatically and exponentially results in fuel consumption and, therefore, in their CO2 emissions is one of the “most efficient” proposals to contribute from the shipping industry to the climate fight. This is what Carlos Bravo, head of the marine protection organization OceanCare, says today to Efe, coinciding … Read more

A thesis demonstrates the efficacy of Ketamine to reduce postoperative pain in breast cancer surgery

CARTAGENA (MURCIA), 1 (EUROPA PRESS) A thesis carried out at the Santa Lucía University General Hospital shows that ketamine decreases the incidence of Acute Postoperative Pain in breast cancer surgery, and that, in addition, there is a decrease in the intensity of pain when it appears, thus reducing the effects associated with opioids, and increasing … Read more

Pharmacists ask for protection to reduce the chances of contagion

Seville, Apr 2 (EFE) .- Andalusian pharmacists have defended their status as health professionals on the front line and demand protection measures from administrations that reduce the chances of contagion, as well as conducting COVID-19 detection tests. According to the balance of the Andalusian Council of Colleges of Pharmacists (CACOF), 29 community pharmacists are admitted … Read more

Rodríguez Larreta: “It is not easy, but we have to minimize personal contact”

Facing the tightening of the quarantine, the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, provided details of the strategy to expand testing and the search for close contacts throughout the City, within the framework of social, preventive and mandatory isolation due to the coronavirus. “We know that they are not easy, they are … Read more