Wearing your partner’s clothes reduces stress

Whether you are busy at work, with the household or the children: we can all use a little less stress. A surprising tip: try wearing your partner’s clothes. According to research, his/her/their hoodie would drastically reduce your stress level. This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in … Read more

The VBS function enabled in Windows 11 reduces gaming performance, even on the top NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 card

The issue of performance loss in games with VBS (virtualization-based security) enabled has been known to us for some time. As soon as players found out that some system option was taking away their frames in games, they were looking for a way to disable it. As time went by, the matter died down. However, … Read more

whether high portfolio diversification reduces potential returns

In January, Kristoforas, who participated in the conference of Investuotojos Lukas and the portal “My money” organized by “Verslo žinios”, asked whether high diversification of the portfolio reduces the potential return. His question is answered by Mindaugas Mažeikis, Investment Strategist of INVL Family Office. “Once two friends were talking about investments. One boasted that he … Read more

thirteen year old stabs his 14 year old little sister and reduces her to death

The older little sister she was bothering him, and he reacted in the worst possible way: stabbing her in the arms, legs and face. It happens in New York, where a 13-year-old boy from Queens stabbed her sister and reduced her to death. The American media are reporting it today: yet another drama linked to … Read more

COVID-19: One infection in 2020 reduces risk of new infection by 40%

Natural immunity begins to play its protective role in the general population, including against new variants in circulation. Thus, the analysis reveals that compared to adults who did not have COVID during the first wave (March to September 2020), adults infected during this first wave are significantly protected against Omicron infection ( December 2021 to … Read more

A healthy lifestyle in the elderly significantly reduces cognitive decline – Wel.nl

Many people think that it no longer makes much sense to live a healthy life in old age, but it does, according to the Finnish FINGER study in which UMC Groningen is also participating. There is still a lot of health gain for the elderly through a healthy lifestyle. For example, healthy living can ‘prevent … Read more

Walking eleven minutes a day reduces the risk of premature death

A finding from a study by researchers at the British University of Cambridge, in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. After a study A finding from a study by researchers at the British University of Cambridge, in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. A brisk walk of just eleven minutes a day would be enough … Read more

Meta drastically reduces the price of its virtual reality headsets

Meta, which is struggling to grow its investments in the metaverse, will slash the price of its most expensive virtual reality headset by 33% and that of another model by 14%. From March 5 in the United States and Canada, and March 15 in other countries where it is available, the Meta Quest Pro, designed … Read more

Petrobras reduces the price of jet fuel by almost 14%

Reduction announced by the state-owned company this Wednesday, 1st, may indirectly impact the price of airline tickets offered to consumers REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker/File PhotoFuel tanks with the Petrobras logo at the Paulínia refinery In the midst of the reencumbrance of federal taxes on fuels, the Petrobras announced a reduction in the price of aviation kerosene this … Read more

Covid vaccination reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes

New research, released yesterday by the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros A. Ghebreyesus, has shown that Vaccination and booster doses reduce the likelihood that covid patients will have a heart attack or stroke. This evidence adds to that already known and widely demonstrated on the protective role of dose inoculation to … Read more