WHO has named a safe vaccine for pregnant women. Reedus

WHO experts have changed their attitude towards the coronavirus vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Moderna. Now the WHO admits the possibility of vaccination of pregnant women. Although pregnancy increases the risks of severe COVID-19, there is very little data to assess the safety of a vaccine during pregnancy. However, based on what we know about … Read more

A neurologist explained what sclerosis means in medical terminology. Reedus

The inhabitants most often call their absent-mindedness and forgetfulness sclerosis. According to neurologist Alexander Budik, this is a misinterpretation. He explained that in medical terminology, sclerosis is a well-defined process when organs are replaced with dense connective tissue. If a person has problems with memory at the age of 30-40 years, then this can be … Read more

What is the Mozart effect and how it works. Reedus

An international team of scientists conducted a study in which they found out how listening to classical music affects health. During the experiment, it turned out that listening to Mozart’s piano symphonies helps to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. The idea that listening to Mozart can beneficially influence on mental health emerged in the … Read more

The experts told what diseases essential oils treat. Reedus

Essential oils help restore the mobility of the bones of the skull and bring the brain to a more balanced state, normalizing its structures, which were hyperexcited, said Olga Burlakova, a health specialist and osteopath. In particular, the essential oil of juniper, according to the expert, restores the brain structures responsible for the liver. After … Read more

The benefits of constant wearing of masks for a certain group of people are named. Reedus

The mask regimen introduced in all regions had a positive effect on the number of visits to doctors by patients with allergies. Experts note a significant decrease in indicators compared to last year and attribute this to the widespread wearing of personal protective equipment and other measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to … Read more

A Pokemon Go-style Witcher game has been announced. Reedus

The Witcher series continues to grow with the addition of the free mobile game to the universe. An upcoming product called The Witcher: Monster Slayer is coming to iOS and Android soon – it looks a lot like Pokemon Go, only in Polish style. Developed by Spokko, part of the CD Projekt Red family, The … Read more

How technology has changed in Microsoft Flight Simulator since 1982. Reedus

Microsoft Flight Simulator is older than most modern gamers, since the first game in the series was released back in 1982. We have come a long way from white lines on a black screen to a full three-dimensional space in which the climate is fully recorded using real weather forecasters. For the release of the … Read more

cunning owners have found how to use a parrot in everyday life. Reedus

Parrots are considered decorative animals – a delight for the eyes, sometimes for the ears, but there is no practical benefit. However, the owners of the little lovebird have finally found a useful talent for these birds – they perfectly know how to open products in soft packaging! Yes, they cannot boast of speed, but … Read more

Doctors have named another complication that occurs after COVID. Reedus

An international team of scientists has published a study that says that coronavirus patients have another complication. Statistics show that many patients suffering from COVID-19 exhibit neurological symptoms ranging from loss of smell to an increased risk of stroke… There are also longer-term effects on brainincluding myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome), doctors say. These complications … Read more

The new test predicts the development of diabetes in newborns. Reedus

An international team of scientists published a study in which they talked about creating a test that can predict the occurrence of type 1 diabetes in newborns. Scientists believe that such a simple analysis could in the future be included in a standard study in a maternity hospital. These data will allow pediatricians from birth … Read more