Instagram copies Tik Tok again and launches Remixes on Reels

If the Reels proposed by Instagram already borrow many features at Tik Tok in particular the race for followers and likes, the application acquired by Mark Zuckerberg seems to want to go further and further. This time it’s theTik Tok duo tool available on the Chinese social network which will be made available on Instagram. … Read more

Instagram Reels lets users record videos alongside existing ones | NOW

Instagram has added a new capability to its Reels feature, the company reports on Wednesday Twitter. Users can now also record new videos in addition to an existing Reels video. Just like on the competing social medium TikTok, Reels allows Instagram users to record short videos with music or audio from other users’ Reels. The … Read more

Portaltic.-Instagram joins duos with the Remix function for Reels

MADRID, 1 Abr. (Portaltic/EP) – Instagram has expanded the features of Reels Short Videos to offer a feature that resembles TikTok duos: Remix, which allows a user to attach their own video to that of other creators of the social network. When a user watches a short video (‘reel’) from another creator, they can click … Read more

How to use Instagram Reels, a new feature from Instagram, to make clips more fun.

Facebook launches Reels (Reels), the hottest new feature in Thailand. It offers users the Instagram experience to create, share and discover short videos and add editing effects. Thai users will be able to create interesting content. Which reflects character and creativity Through the archived short video trend Hours of fun and inspiration It also reaches … Read more

Instagram may also want to bring Reels to Facebook | NOW

Instagram is working on a feature that will allow the makers of so-called Reels – short videos – to easily share them on Facebook, reports news agency Bloomberg Tuesday. It would be a test that initially only runs in India. Whether the feature will actually be released is not yet known. Reels are Facebook’s answer … Read more

This entrepreneur was harassed at age 12 on YouTube. By 15 he was running a lucrative marketing agency for Instagram stars.

March 3, 2021 9 min read This article was translated from our English edition. When Laurence Moss was 12 years old, he decided to try his luck and become a YouTuber. He got a quick and hard lesson in cyberbullying. As he recalls, “people seemed to like to make fun of my amateur videos by … Read more

TikTok and Reels “are today’s radio” to promote new music

Social networks, mainly TikTok and Instagram, have become the main tool for promoting new music worldwide, a phenomenon that, according to Fernanda Arcay, the marketing manager of the Neon16 musical incubator, told Efe, was in the making, but that “was fully consolidated during the pandemic “. “Concert tours and live performances were the backbone of … Read more

Wealth More Than Rp1,460 T, Zuckerberg Becomes a Centimillionaire

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is part of the centimillionaire club group. This club is made up of people with a net worth of more than US $ 100 billion (around Rp1,460 trillion, at the current Rupiah exchange rate of Rp.14,600). Quoting PageSix on Sunday (9/8), the value of Zuckerberg’s wealth soared … Read more

Launches New ‘Reels’ Feature Accused of Copying TikTok, Instagram Takes Satire: As You Know

PR INDRAMAYU – Facebook Inc. officially launched the short video feature Instagram Reels of United States of America. This launch was later announced on its official Twitter account. “Hellooooo, Reels! Introducing a new way to create and find short and entertaining videos on Instagram. Reels launched today in more than 50 countries around the world,“wrote … Read more