15 dates without refereeing: Disciplinary Court determined the punishment for Nicolás Gamboa after insulting players

On February 19, Audax Italiano and Universidad Católica met in a match for the national tournament. The match was marked by the seven expulsions given by referee Nicolás Gamboa. After the match Marcelo Díaz accused the judge of verbally assaulting the players of both teams, which followed with the Audax leadership making a formal complaint … Read more

Tit for tact with Teklak: “Standard is right to complain about the refereeing”

1. Odo? We’ve seen reds for less than that. ”I understand that Standard complains about the refereeing. For me, the Odoi phase does not deserve an exclusion. But when Zinckernagel says we’ve only seen reds given to me, he’s right. Compared to the exclusion of the Dane in Eupen, there is a real lack of … Read more

Refereeing department clarifies Dynamo Minsk goal cancellation : News : Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

Clarification of the Refereeing Department on the missed puck of the Minskers in the third match of the series against SKA. At the 26th minute of the match, after a goal was scored by a player from Dynamo Minsk Artyom Demkov, the video-goal judge initiated a video review for the puck crossing the goal line. … Read more

Renaissance puts former FC Porto player to criticize refereeing

Conceição and Pinto da Costa spoke and none, criticized the refereeing of FC Porto-Gil Vicente It is yet another media body attacking the referee of the match and the VAR, using a former FC Porto player. Since when does Renascença have former FC Porto players commenting on arbitration and criticizing arbitration decisions? They also did … Read more

A BOLA – Portuguese refereeing contested in the Athens derby (Greece)

Olympiakos issued a statement after the draw (0-0) in the derby on Saturday against Panathinaikos, counting for the 24th round of the regular phase of the Greek super league, contesting, among other things, the performance of the Portuguese referee João Pinheiro. This canceled out a goal against Olympiakos (scored by Vrousai in the 89th minute). … Read more

Ligue 1: was the TFC harmed by the refereeing during the match against OM?

the essential After the defeat against Marseille on Sunday February 19 (3-2), Toulouse coach Philippe Montanier criticized Stéphanie Frappart’s refereeing. Back to the sequences in question. The TFC did not go far, but failed. Despite a one-goal advantage at halftime (1-0), the Violets lost to Marseille on Sunday evening at the Stadium (2-3) after a … Read more

The VAR speeches of Erkan Özdamar and Özgüç Türkalp, the referee of the Sivasspor Galatasaray match, appeared! Unprecedented punishment…

In the 16th week of the Super League, Sivasspor and Galatasaray faced off. While the referee of the match, Erkan Özdamar, canceled Sivasspor’s goal in the 49th minute, brought along discussions, the echoes of this decision continue. IT WAS DECIDED! While great reactions continue to come from Sivasspor and Fenerbahce, the anger against the referees … Read more

Morocco filed a complaint about the refereeing in the semi-final

The Moroccan Football Federation said it had lodged an official complaint FIFA due to the work of the referee in the semi-finals. The Moroccans did not specify their claims publicly, but they probably meant Sofiane Boufal in the 27th minute. yellow card shown. Before that, the defender of the French national team stopped the opponent … Read more

Stéphanie Frappart: Women’s refereeing is a “positive message” for women in Qatar at the World Cup

Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, Stéphanie Frappart with Newsa Pak (left) and Mexican Karen Diaz Medina (right) behind her. December 4, 2022 Having female referees at the World Cup sends a positive message about women’s rights in Qatar, says Stephanie Frappart, the first woman to referee a men’s World Cup game overseeing the 4- … Read more