INVALSI, what does who: secretariat, complex managers, referents, lecturers, collaborators. Circular download

In implementation of Legislative Decree n. 62/2017, the INVALSI tests of Italian, Mathematics for classes II and V and of English for classes V of the Primary School are in progress. However, several organizational dysfunctions remain. There are a multiplicity of figures left on the sidelines of the “INVALSI” question who, instead, should become functional … Read more

Larreta dethrons Vidal and Macri as PRO referents

Now, among the voters of Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is considered the main reference in that space, followed by Mauricio Macri (24%) and Patricia bullrich (18%). A Macri that his electorate “pushes” him to the next legislative elections to stand as a candidate. The pandemic and isolation played their political cards and the … Read more