Křetínský refinances. EPH has entered into a billion-euro loan agreement with banks

According to Častvaj, EPH concluded the agreement with a syndicate of international banks and Komerční banka as a loan agent. The bank’s syndicate consists of, among others, Bank of China (CEE), Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, ING Bank, Komerční banka, SMBC Bank EU and UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, which act as authorized lead arrangers and … Read more

Innovative Australian engineer refinances his home loan with DeFi in just one day

A software engineer has taken decentralized finance to a new level of practicality, by pay your mortgage at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and refinance the loan through Notional Finance, the fixed rate loan protocol. The move marks an important step for the nascent DeFi sector, and more fixed-rate lending protocols in DeFi may attract … Read more

Pronovias refinances its debt and BC Partners injects 18 million euros

Pronovias gets air. The Spanish bridal fashion company, one of the leaders in the segment in which it operates, has signed an agreement with the creditor banks to refinance its debt. The pact is accompanied by an injection of 18 million euros by the BC Partners fund, which was taken over by the company in … Read more

ACS refinances 721 million in the Barcelona metro | Companies

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, a subsidiary of the group ACS, has carried out the refinancing of 721 million of debt of the concessionaire of Line 9, section 4, of the Barcelona Metro, in which it is present with the partners Brookfield, Queenspoint, Equitix y Dalmore. Previously, Iridium had refinanced, in October 2019, the 726 million … Read more

Sanofi refinances and extends two lines of credit for 8 billion euros, Company news

BONDS: Sanofi refinances and extends two lines of credit for 8 billion euros | Photo credits: Sanofi Pasteur / Alexis Chezière PARIS (Agefi-Dow Jones) – The pharmaceutical group Sanofi announced on Wednesday that it had successfully refinanced and extended two syndicated lines of credit for a total amount of 8 billion euros. These two facilities … Read more

Swissport secures additional liquidity and refinances itself

Airport service provider Swissport has reached an agreement with its creditors to secure additional liquidity and restructure its debt, in order to weather a difficult period for the aviation sector affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A group of unidentified creditors has pledged to provide 300 million euros in additional liquidity ‘to support operations until the … Read more