Request a loan in Spain, up to 35% more expensive than in the euro area as a whole

Despite the scenario of ultra-low and even negative rates established by the European Central Bank (ECB), requesting a loan in Spain is substantially more expensive than in the European average, both in terms of consumer loans and if the client does so. you want to sign a mortgage. This is at least shown by the … Read more

the Supreme Court could also have violated Spanish laws

José Antonio Gómez. Article 83 of the Law on Consumers and Users indicates the following: «Abusive clauses will be null and void and will be considered unenforceable. For these purposes, the Judge, after hearing the parties, will declare the nullity of the abusive clauses included in the contract, which, however, will continue to be binding … Read more

Employees of Ruhr Oel GmbH – BP Gelsenkirchen Donated for a social cause: Refinery employees generate over half a million euros for social causes for the second time in a row

The employees of Ruhr Oel GmbH – BP Gelsenkirchen again generated donations of more than half a million euros last year through their social commitment. The total amount of 512,469 € was raised in connection with the international bp donation program ‘Matching Fund’.The refinery employees particularly supported local sports clubs, such as football clubs or … Read more

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery: Ukraine: Former USSR:

An explosion thundered at the Odessa oil refinery, after which electricity was lost in the Shkodova Gora microdistrict. Video recording of the incident was published in YouTube. According to, local residents heard an explosion at midnight. After that, in the area of ​​the electrical substation, which is located on the territory of the plant, … Read more