“We must once again consider the theater as a place to reflect on reality”

Paula Carballeira has traveled half the world participating in oral storytelling festivals. Her work as an accountant, actress, and theater director has earned her several awards and the translation of her extensive literary production into several languages. Considered one of the most important playwrights in Galicia, Carballeira returns to Los Silos after many years in … Read more

El Rosario police complain because they do not reflect payments of debts to the Issste

The rosary. Municipal police, expressed their concern to Debate, this because many paid their debts at ISSSTE but no, the payment is not reflected. The uniformed men who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, indicated that many acquired loans from the ISSSTE which were discounted via payroll, but this is not reflected in the ISSSTE. … Read more

Channel Marketing Software Market To Reflect Significant Growth Prospects During 2020-2024 – Tropicalizer

“The Channel Marketing Software Market is growing at a high CAGR during the forecast period 2020-2026. The growing interest of individuals in this industry is the main reason for the expansion of this market ”. Channel Marketing is a Software-as-a-Service marketing platform solution that enables users to efficiently and cost-effectively scale local marketing and advertising … Read more

“Even in an environment dominated by technology, the assessment of teachers has never been clearer” | Economy

Seven months after the outbreak of the pandemic, the educational landscape has changed in much of the world. The same uncertainty that dominates the employment and economic future of millions of people and the fear of new infections floods with doubts the debate about the best way to guarantee the access of young people to … Read more

Democracy protests in Thailand reflect growing discontent over the monarchy Global Voices

Petition requesting that Germany declare Thai King Vajiralongkorn persona no grata is blocked in Thailand. Imagem from The Stand News. Despite the announcement of an emergency decree on October 15 and the police crackdown on October 16, tens of thousands of Thai protesters continued to protest in the streets calling for democratic reform. Today, they … Read more

Montpellier: Me Phung appointed by Dupond-Moretti to reflect on the reform of criminal procedure

The Montpellier lawyer joined a national commission to reflect on the reform of criminal procedure. Montpellier lawyer Me Jean-Robert Phung was appointed by the Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupond-Moretti to be part of a national commission, responsible for reflecting on the reform of criminal procedure. To make proposals According to our information, Me Phung … Read more

England pubs reflect on cakes

Bar owners in England’s Covid-19 hot spots were on Tuesday (October 13) pondering an issue that could decide whether they would survive or sink due to the coronavirus lockdown, when a pub is a pub and when it becomes a restaurant. ? The question sparked a bizarre discussion about some of England’s favorite snacks: crispy … Read more

Trump Supporters in Miami Reflect on Trump Administration Ahead of Elections | Cuba | Nicaragua | Hispanics

A few days before the presidential elections, Hispanic supporters of Donald Trump in Miami comment on the administration’s sanctions against the regimes of their countries, the policy of the border wall, voting by mail, and the government’s stance against communism. Both President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have sought the support of … Read more


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Bank with Iranian roots has classified monthly reporting in Russia :: Finance :: RBC

Why banks in Russia can hide their indicators In December 2017, Russian legislation was introduced amendments, which gave the government the power to decide what information about sanctioned companies and individuals can be removed from public access. Even information that was required to be published could be classified. Later government decidedthat in some cases it … Read more