Who will lose their basic income with the Meloni reform and since when they will no longer receive it

News on basic income 2022 Four out of ten families will lose their basic income with the Meloni reform, starting in the summer of 2023. The state will save less than a billion. Turn on notifications to receive updates on News on basic income 2022 The Meloni government has substantially Citizenship income abolished con his … Read more

Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform

PANRB Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas at Working Meeting with Commission II DPR RI, at Nusantara II Building, Jakarta, Monday (21/11). JAKARTA – The government continues to look for the best solution in handling the arrangement of non-state civil servants (ASN) or honorary workers in the country. Before Commission II of the Republic of Indonesia’s House … Read more

The government wants to debate the extension of the retirement age as part of the pension reform — ČT24 — Czech Television

“After 2030, the demographically strong cohorts will begin to retire. I think that in order to maintain solid pensions, we should debate this,” said Stanjura. Current pensioners and people who will retire by 2030 would not be affected by the increase in the retirement age. Stanjur’s plan to extend the retirement age again is also … Read more

“We are being smoked out”: pension reform is sexist, deplore feminist unions and associations

Marie-Hélène Ska: “It is unacceptable that some take advantage of the current crisis situation” At the dawn of winter, a strengthening of purchasing power and a cap on energy prices are essential, believes the general secretary of the CSC. The prospect of a wage freeze for 2023-2024 worries the leader of the Christian union, who … Read more

Health reform: Carolina Corcho assured that prepaid medicine and complementary plans will not be affected

Health reform: Carolina Corcho assures that prepaid medicine and complementary plans will not be affected. Photo: Twitter @CarolinaCorcho This Wednesday, November 9, the Minister of Health, Carolina Cork, attended a political control debate in the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives. According to the head of portfolio, the health reform of the Government of … Read more

Reform of the superior command of the Armed Forces blocked in the Ministry

“A important legislative reformapproved in the summer [de 2021] by a large parliamentary majority, enshrines the imperative of reinforce joint command structures of the Armed Forces and its operational responsiveness. Having passed a phase of debate and conceptual elaboration, the reform now approved simply has to be implemented with the energythe determination and flexibility that … Read more

here is the plan for 2023, then it will be reform

Latest news on pension reform Quota 41, but in a reduced version, will be the slide that the Meloni government will finance in 2023. For the promised pension reform, however, we will have to wait for the following year. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Latest news on pension reform Time passes, the clock … Read more

Two out of three Mexicans support López Obrador’s electoral reform

The majority of Mexicans are in favor of electoral reform proposed by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Two out of three citizens say they agree or strongly agree with the Executive’s proposal, according to a enkoll poll for EL PAÍS and W Radio presented this Friday. The reduction in the number of deputies and … Read more

For a car accident, the first Meloni decree ends up at the Consulta: “The judges should decide whether the postponement of the Cartabia reform is constitutional”

ROMA – Et voila. The first decree law of the Meloni government – the one already highly contested due to the hard fist against rave parties – ends up at the Constitutional Court because it also provides for a two-month postponement of the entry into force of the criminal justice reform of Marta Cartabia. And … Read more