Does it work this time? Hope for the conclusion of the ESM reform

Does it work this time? Hope for the conclusion of the ESM reform From Verena Schmitt-Roschmann November 30, 2020 at 8:32 am A year ago, the reform of the ESM euro rescue umbrella was as good as finished. Then Italy turned across the board. Now one is “quite optimistic”, it said before the meeting of … Read more

Archdiocese of Cologne examines plans to reform the parish

Cologne Cathedral (symbol photo: pixabay) Cologne – The Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has alternatives to the planned parish reform examined. The planned formation of around 50 to 60 large parishes will be reconsidered, it said Archdiocese of Cologne on Saturday evening with. After the discussions about the pastoral future path, a working group led … Read more

Unemployment insurance reform: “We have to put everything back on track,” advises Senator Puissat (LR)

This is another setback for the government in the tortuous road of reforming unemployment insurance, which had not obtained the support of the social partners, before being postponed several times due to the health crisis. The Council of State annulled on November 25 two highly contested provisions of the decree published in July 2019, during … Read more

Local support contracts: the future of priority education?

Secretary of State Nathalie Elimas announced in the press on Sunday, November 22 a project of experimentation in three academies of “local support contracts”, which could foreshadow changes in priority education policy from 2022. The SE -Unsa alert on several points of vigilance. What restructuring of priority education? For three years, rumors have been running … Read more

Turkey.- An important adviser to Erdogan resigns after calling for judicial reform and the release of several prisoners

MADRID, 24 (EUROPA PRESS) Bulent Arinç, a member of the board of advisers to the Turkish Presidency, resigned this Tuesday after advocating for a reform of the judicial system and requesting the release of several “key” prisoners, something that has raised blisters within the Government Justice and Development Party (AKP). The president’s top adviser, Recep … Read more

Good State School Marketing

The parliamentary debate on the new educational reform promoted by the Pedro Sánchez government reveals that the main resource of the supporters of public education is to make it difficult for the concerted. By forgetting the demands of families, putting more restrictive conditions on concerts and increasing places in public schools to absorb students from … Read more

Reform of the training of lawyers: “the report is the most successful that one can imagine” | Interview

Dalloz actualité: Can you explain the process which governed your work? Sandrine Clavel et Kami Haeri: Instead of treating the training by layers through different reports, our idea was to re-register the reflection in a coherent, complete and operational approach, including entry into the curriculum, the content of the training, the exit from schools and … Read more

Further details on the currency reform in Cuba announced

Havanna. The head of the Commission for the Implementation and Development of Economic Policies, Marino Murillo Jorge, presented new details on the upcoming currency reform at the recent session of the Cuban National Assembly. With the abolition of the convertible peso (CUC), the Cuban peso is also to be devalued in the corporate sector, where … Read more

Penal reform will continue until February – Nationals

The Chamber of Senators approved yesterday, on tables and without modifications, a resolution raised by Hermelinda Alvarenga (PLRA, llanista), which establishes that any bill referring to the Criminal Procedure Code be referred to the National Commission for the Reform of the Penal System and Penitentiary. November 06, 2020 – 01:00 The parliamentarian argued that said … Read more

Parliament green light for the reform of the Crédit populaire Group

On Monday, the House of Representatives unanimously adopted Bill No. 32.20 amending and supplementing Law No. 12.96 reforming the Crédit populaire du Maroc group. This text was adopted during a plenary session held under the chairmanship of Habib El Malki, President of the House of Representatives, in the presence of the Minister of the Economy, … Read more