Macron will abolish the prestigious ENA college for French elites. He studied at it himself – ČT24 – Czech Television

The diploma from ENA, a school focused on public administration, has in practice been a ticket to the higher levels of French politics for several generations. The school was founded in 1945 by Charles de Gaulle with the aim of restoring the administration of France affected by World War II. Getting to school was supposed … Read more

The European Commission is taking Poland to court over judicial reform – the European Union

The European Commission (EC) complains to the European Court of Justice (EU) about a reform that undermines the independence of the judiciary, the EC said on Wednesday. Brussels will ask the court to issue an order suspending Polish law pending a court ruling. The Polish Government has already stated that there is no “legal or … Read more

China agrees to comprehensive Hong Kong electoral reform

China has agreed to a far-reaching reform of the Hong Kong electoral system. In the parliamentary elections, Hong Kongers are therefore only allowed to directly elect 20 MPs, compared to 35. In addition, follows according to local media due to the change, an increase in the number of parliamentary seats, from 70 to 90. Moreover, … Read more

China approves reform of Hong Kong’s electoral system, which will be a severe blow to already limited democracy

Beijing has implemented these reforms by bypassing the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Although part of China, Hong Kong has the status of a special administrative district with extensive autonomy, a different judicial system and its citizens enjoy wider rights than mainland China. Following widespread and often violent protests against Beijing’s control in 2019, China has … Read more

China has passed a reform to control the elections and the Hong Kong parliament

China on Tuesday has approved a radical reform of Hong Kong’s political system that will allow it to control its elections and parliament. The new system will be imposed without passing through the Hong Kong parliament, and will provide for an increase in the number of parliamentarians of the semi-autonomous city, from 70 to 90. … Read more

Xinhua News Agency: Jiangsu is not allowed to enter, but it is not a dark moment for Chinese football

Original title: Xinhua News Agency: Jiangsu has no chance to enter, it is not the darkest moment for Chinese football, please move forward and don’t look back Article source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Hengzhi On the 29th, the Chinese Football Association announced the admission list for the 2021 professional league. Last … Read more

The dream of the Paris Commune 150 years later – Art

We celebrate the 150 years of those 71 days that have remained an emblematic historical point for those who believe in the possibility of a better, more just society, those that began on March 28, 1871, exactly 150 years ago, with the settlement and proclamation, from part of the newly elected Assembly with 70 votes … Read more

SK Telecom formalizes corporate governance reform… Revaluation?

[이데일리TV 유재희 기자] As the possibility of SK Telecom’s governance restructuring within this year is highlighted, expectations for a revaluation of the share price are growing. According to the Korea Exchange on the 26th, the transaction closed at 275,500 won, up 7.6% from the previous day. It is analyzed that the momentum was played by … Read more

Profile of Syarwan Hamid, Minister of Home Affairs for the Reform Cabinet who has now passed away

Jakarta – Former Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Lt. Gen. (ret) Syarwan Hamid passed away early this morning. Syarwan Hamid was the Minister of Home Affairs during the leadership of President BJ Habibie. Quoted from the National Library website, Lt. Gen. TNI (Purn) Syarwan Hamid was born in Siak, Riau, on November … Read more