The United Kingdom is preparing for the “biggest decades” of reforming the asylum system

Home Secretary Priti Patel said the “new immigration plan” would be based on “a real need for asylum, not the ability to pay for traffickers,” but was immediately criticized by refugee organizations. The purpose of the plan is to identify real asylum seekers, deter illegal entry and change the rules to make it easier to … Read more

USR PLUS deputies leader: PSD members had 14 health ministers but accuse Vlad Voiculescu of not reforming the system in a month – News by sources

The chairman of the group USR PLUS from the Chamber of Deputies, Ionuț Moșteanu, accuses PSDthat although he had 14 health ministers, he demanded his resignation Vlad Voiculescu after the fire at Matei Balş. Read also: COURSE Poll: How are the parties in the intention to vote in the Capital “Condolences to the families of … Read more

Greenland ice cream is melting faster than it reforming, study finds

Greenland’s ice melt, which covers 1.7 million km2, has accelerated compared to previous decades, say the authors of a study published by the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment. A team of American scientists from Ohio University found that in recent years, the Greenland ice sheet is losing mass faster on average than it is … Read more