Karl Lauterbach on the corona and refugee crisis – Are the mistakes from 2015 a mortgage for the corona crisis, Mr. Lauterbach?

Karl Lauterbach is a doctor, epidemiologist, professor. He has been a member of the Bundestag for the SPD since 2005. Mr. Lauterbach, in the film “The Truth Crisis” by Jakob Augstein compare the refugee crisis of 2015 with the corona crisis. They say the remarkable sentence that, unlike today, the government has “not at all … Read more

Cicero: “Karl Lauterbach on the corona and refugee crisis: Are the mistakes from 2015 a mortgage for the corona crisis, Mr. Lauterbach?” – Thematically related messages

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Refugee camp on a Greek island: Lohmar student distributes donations to migrants

One week in Greece: Instead of culture, beach and sea, the Lohmar student Laetis experienced hardship and despair, but also the hope for a better life. The 25-year-old had left for the Greek island of Lesbos with friends and acquaintances and three sprinters full of donations. Your destination: the new Moria refugee camp. After the … Read more

Trump lowers refugee admission limit to 15,000 for fiscal year 2021

US President Donald Trump has lowered the refugee admission limit for fiscal year 2021 to 15,000 people, the lowest level since 1980, according to the official document. shared by the White House. As the president has stressed, people from countries such as Yemen, Syria and Somalia cannot be accepted as refugees, “except those whose situation … Read more

Gerhard Trabert describes the situation in the Moria refugee camp

WORMS – In the “Haus am Dom” Professor Gerhard Trabert will speak on Friday, October 30th, about the conditions in the burned down refugee camp Moria on Lesbos. The event starts at 7 pm. Trabert – doctor, social worker and university professor – had already visited Moria several times during his international trips. Even after … Read more

Five migrants arrested for fire in Moria refugee camp on Greek island of Lesvos

The Moria camp, on the Greek island of Lesbos, went up in smoke on the night of September 8-9. ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS / REUTERS Five migrants were arrested in the investigation into the fire of Moria camp, on the Greek island of Lesbos, and a sixth identified suspect is on the run, announced Tuesday, September 15, … Read more

Moria refugee camp on Lesvos completely destroyed by fire | Abroad

There were no injuries, firefighters said, but an unknown number of people had respiratory problems from smoke inhalation. The fire caused great panic among the residents. The refugees are often on the roads around the camp. Hundreds of migrants tried to flee to the port of Mytilene but were stopped by the Greek police. According … Read more

Fierce fire in overcrowded Moria refugee camp on Lesvos: thousands of people evacuated

The Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos in 2015-2016 was one of the main crossroads for illegal migration of refugees from Syria and Iraq trying to reach Europe via Turkey. Greece set up camps on Lesvos and four other islands with financial assistance from the European Union. The camp is notoriously overcrowded, with … Read more

There is a coronavirus in the crowded Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos

The Somali, who has refugee status and permission to live in Greece, was hospitalized on Wednesday night and local authorities are now tracking people he had come in contact with in previous days, AMNA reported. Almost 13,000 refugees now live in the Moria camp and its surrounding area, although its capacity is about 3,000 people. … Read more

We can handle it, she said about the Merkel refugee crisis five years ago. Succeeded? | Svt

BERLN / PRAGUE Five years ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel drank with a statement written to the djin. In connection with the growing sweat of miners coming to the country, she literally stated at her regular press conference: Germany is a strong country. We’ve mastered it a lot. (We make that). Siclie’s head is shaking, … Read more