WHO confirms animal origin of coronavirus and refutes its creation in laboratory | Society

The World Health Organization (WHO) today settled on the versions that indicate that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 originated in a laboratory in China by confirming that this pathogen “has animal origin”, contrary to what it has claimed for days the United States Government. “The coronavirus circulates in an ancestral way among bats, it is … Read more

WHO confirms the animal origin of the coronavirus and refutes its creation in the laboratory | International

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 “has animal origin” and in this way it contradicts that this pathogen originated in a laboratory in China as the United States Government has claimed for days. “The coronavirus circulates in an ancestral way among bats, it is something we know based … Read more

WHO corrects one of its advisers and refutes the Barrington Declaration

In just over a week, thousands of anonymous scientists and citizens have joined the Great Barrington Declaration, a manifesto that demands the abolition of confinements as a measure to control the pandemic and advocates pursuing herd immunity by protecting only the population at risk. The document, promoted by epidemiologists Martin Kulldorff (Harvard University) Sunetra Gupta … Read more

Płock. He left the hospital on all fours. The management of the facility refutes the allegations, and the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman announces the proceedings

The patient with spine pain was admitted to the HED of the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Płock (Mazowieckie Province). The man left the facility on all fours. The pain was excruciating, he says, and the staff refused to give him another dose of painkiller. The management of the facility maintains that the allegation of failure … Read more

Uncle Duda in the supervisory board of PKP Cargo. He refutes the allegations of nepotism. “The president doesn’t ride trains”

– The president, as you know, doesn’t take trains – Antoni Duda joked in an interview with a journalist from TVN24. With these words, the president’s uncle Andrzej Duda tried to deny allegations of nepotism. This is what the opposition called the appointment of Uncle President as a member of the supervisory board PKP Cargo. … Read more

Camaïeu CEO refutes accusations of fraudulent bankruptcy of his Belgian subsidiary

QAs the local unions may think, I categorically refute the accusation of having dried up the subsidiaries. I totally refute the fact that these transfers were intended to save Camaïeu France. It is March 12, in the midst of the Covid crisis, and we are organizing the business as any business must be organized in … Read more

Undersecretary Daza refutes Siches and assures that leader did know the “Step by Step” plan | National

The Government presented this plan on Sunday “Step by Step”, with a view to starting the deconfiguration faced with the improvement of the contagion figures of covid-19. The announcement was made by President Sebastián Piñera and consists of five stages: Quarantine, Transition, Preparation, Initial Opening and Advanced Opening. The detail of each was explained by … Read more