Starting to become an epidemic in Bogor Regency, 1,025 residents are affected by dengue fever – During the rainy season, cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or DHF began to become epidemic in Bogor Regency. In fact, the disease has claimed the lives of two residents of Nanggung District. “So our area is endemic for DHF, if it’s endemic, there must be DHF every year. We invite people to continue … Read more

Tana Tidung Regency Has 16 Filariasis Cases, Spread in Three Villages, Here are the Locations

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM, TANA TIDUNG – Tana Tidung Regency become one of the three regions in North Kalimantan who has a case Filariasis or elephantiasis disease. In a period of 5 years, there were 16 cases of filariasis in Indonesia Tana Tidung Regency. Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tana Tidung Health Office, Hanna Juniar, … Read more

This is the Confession of the Sister-in-law of the Suspected US Terrorist in Gresik Regency

Gresik, East Java – Post capture one suspected terrorist with the initials AS by the Densus 88 team on Tuesday (9/11/21) at 8.00 WIB this morning, the family stated that AS was secured by officers when he returned home after taking his son to school. Anwar, the brother-in-law of the suspected US terrorist, said that … Read more

Encouraging Youth Pledge Day, Disdikbud Holds Student Festivals in East OKU Regency – Sumsel Update

Report: Rahmat Agusman Martapura, – Even though they are still in the Covid-19 Pandemic, elementary and junior high school students are still enthusiastic about participating in the 2021 East OKU Student Festival activities. This is proven, as many as 650 elementary and junior high school students who took part in the activities opened by … Read more

Throughout 2021, Hundreds of Residents of Tangerang Regency are Infected with DHF – 268 residents of Tangerang Regency were recorded to be infected with the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) virus from January to September 2021. This number is far lower than the same period before the Covid-19 pandemic which reached 1,000 cases. The Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tangerang District Health Office, Hendra … Read more

Bogor-Tangerang Regency Kicked from Jabodetabek, DKI PPKM Down to Level 2

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta and several other areas in Jabodetabek, except for Bogor and Tangerang Regencies, officially enforce PPKM level 2 starting today. Jakarta and a number of other areas could drop to level 2 after Bogor and Tangerang Regencies were excluded from the Jabodetabek PPKM assessment method. The decline in PPKM levels in Jakarta … Read more

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines in Cianjur Close to Expiration, Regency Government Boosts Vaccinations!

CIANJURTODAY.COM, Cianjur – Spokesperson for the Cianjur Regency Covid-19 Information Center, Dr. Yusman Faisal, said that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in Cianjur are now approaching their expiration date. According to him, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will expire on October 25, 2021. Given that Cianjur only gets reallocation from other regions. “If Pfizer has … Read more

HIV/AIDS Reaches 315 Cases, Pandeglang Regency Government Prepares Strategic Steps for Prevention and Control

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Socialization Activities in Pandeglang.(Dok Ist) PANDEGLANG, – The Pandeglang Regency Government has prepared strategic steps in efforts to prevent and control HIV/AIDS in Pandeglang Regency. The Head of the Pandeglang District Health Office, Raden Dewi Setiani, during the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Socialization, revealed that the Pandeglang … Read more

Against Bogor Regency Government, Sentul City Still Forcibly Evicted Residents’ Houses

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Forced eviction in disputed land between PT Sentul City Tbk with the residents of Bojong Koneng, Bogor is known to continue. Sentul City argued that the evictions were only carried out for immigrants. A number of workers deployed by the Sentul City subcontractor were found to be still clearing land in … Read more

Principal in Minahasa, North Sulawesi Inaugurated But No School, This Is What the Regency Government Says

Manado – Instagram upload of someone who claims to be his mother inaugurated as a school principal (Kepsek), in the district North Minahasa (Minut), North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) but there is no school, viral on social media. The local government said the decree (SK) contained a typing error. The upload was uploaded by the Asamwongo … Read more