Sitting Case Lebak Regent Angry During Plenary Session Page all

LEBAK, – Regent Lebak Iti Octavia Jayabaya was angry while attending a plenary meeting at the Lebak Regency DPRD Building, Banten, Monday (7/9/2020). Iti burst out with anger when answering accusations from DPRD members who said that the regional government did not appreciate the death of Lebak DPRD Chairman Dindin Nurohmat. Initially, the plenary … Read more

Received a warning from the Minister of Home Affairs, the Regent of Karawang admitted that he had warned his supporters

Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachdiana (Source: Instagram @cellicanurrachadiana) KARAWANG, KOMPAS.TV – Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachdiana admitted to getting a warning from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The reprimand was related to his procession when registering as a candidate for regent and vice regent at the KPU Karawang two days ago. “I called the Governor … Read more

The Wealth of the Regent of Jember Bacalon: Hendy Has IDR 23 Billion, Gus Firjaun IDR 4 Million

JEMBER, – Candidates for Regent and Deputy Regent Jember, Hendy Siswanto – Balya Firjaun Barlaman, conveyed his wealth. Hendy Siswanto claims to have a wealth of Rp 23 billion. Meanwhile, his deputy, Gus Firjaun, only has Rp. 4 million. “We have compiled a report wealth, which is around IDR 23 billion, ”said Hendy Siswanto … Read more

Seconds of East Halmahera Regent Died After Register at the KPU, Fainted During Oration Page all A shocking event occurred in the middle of the registration process Pilkada East Halmahera. Regent of East Halmahera who is also a prospective incumbent, Muhdin Ma’bud suddenly fainted during speeches, Friday (4/9/2020). Muhdin was finally declared dead after being rushed to the hospital. Also read: After registering at the KPU, the Regent of East … Read more

Adoption of a baby in a cardboard box 3 years ago, the Regent of Karawang did not choose love

Jakarta – In 2017, the Regent of Karawang Cellica Nurrachadiana adopted a baby boy who was found near under a bridge. The baby who was given the name Muhammad Keenan Nabeel Rachadian is now growing healthy and adorable. Since raising Keenan as her child, Cellica has committed to loving Keenan as she gave love to … Read more

Facts about the Death of Acting Regent of Sidoarjo, Positive for Covid-19 and Had Rejected the Swab Test – The sad news came from Sidoarjo, East Java. The reason is, Plt Regent of Sidoarjo Nur Ahmad Syaifudin reportedly died from Covid-19. The deceased died at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Sidoarjo on Saturday (22/8/2020) at around 15.30 WIB. When he was referred to the RSUD on Saturday afternoon, the deceased’s health condition … Read more

Franz Welser-Möst, the disputable desk regent, turns 60 «

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Franz Welser-Möst is 60 © WHAT / Pfarrhofer Franz Welser-Möst is an unusual mix of a quarrelsome artist who is willing to do the utmost in the sense of the matter, and a conciliatory, almost well-behaved manner. A conductor who became the world leader as head of the Cleveland Orchestra and who … Read more

Impeachment of Jember Regent, Minister of Home Affairs: Wait for Supreme Court Decree

JEMBER, KOMPAS.TV – One of the evidence brought is data about the alleged mall administration and alleged acts of corruption in the procurement of goods and services. Also Read: Minister of Home Affairs Awaits Decision of Supreme Court Regarding Decision of Jember Regent Deputy Chairperson of DPRD Commission C Jember, David Handoko Seto stated, the … Read more

DPRD Agrees to Makzulkan Regent Jember Faida, Ready to Process the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Home Affairs

Illustration: DPR member meeting. DPRD Agrees to Makzulkan Regent Jember Faida, Ready to Continue the Process to the MA and Ministry of Home Affairs. (Source: Maharani) JEMBER, KOMPAS.TV – DPRD Jember held a plenary session of the right to express an opinion (HMP) which was held on Wednesday (7/22/2020). As a result, the DPRD agreed … Read more

Clarification of the Regent Meets “Sultan Jember” who Made a Rp. 16 Billion Donation Donation to PMI Page all – Regent Jember Faida tells about a married couple nicknamed ” Sultan Jember“which promised assistance to the Jember PMI of Rp 16 billion, although until now it has not been realized. It is known that Farida attended the symbolic handover of aid “Sultan Jember” to PMI Jember during PMI’s National Dialogue. Faida told, the … Read more