Normally dj for 25,000 frenzied party numbers, now master for… (Schoten)

‘Master’ FRANK in front of the class of student DJs at Schoten castle. — © JAA Shots/Brassskate – He is used to performing in front of heaving crowds of 25,000 and more. In the castle of Schoten, the audience of Frank Van Herwegen consisted of only 25 people, who also sat stiff in their seats. … Read more

Parents explain why they wear ‘anti-mouth mask’ to their children… (Nieuwpoort)

© jhm Nieuwpoort – “We mainly want to make a statement with the anti-mouth mask pass. Only the well-being of our children counts. Let them be carefree children so that schools can focus on the essence: teaching.” This is what parents from Nieuwpoort say in a response to why they sent their child to school … Read more

Sofie and Liesa exchanged hospitality for jobs in healthcare during co… (Bruges)

Liesa Moeyaert and Sofie Willems have not yet regretted their career switch to the healthcare sector. — ©  mvn Brugge – They started working as a helper in care after the catering industry was closed, but they are now on their way to turning it into their profession: Sofie (52) and Liesa (29) are two … Read more

Well-known nightclub stops, but immediately finds new ex… (Herent)

The banners of the former The Villa have already been removed. — © MDT HERENT – The Villa Leuven will stop, but disco fans need not fear. The business along the Mechelsesteenweg in Herent has already been taken over by 22-year-old Jordy De Munck. Under his reign, the nightclub is now called Welcome To The … Read more

Thieves break into football canteen, but forget about… (Merchtem)

Chairman Rudi Meersman (in green) and some members of FC Cristal are tired of the break-ins in the canteen. — H jhw Merchtem – During the night from Friday to Saturday, at least two burglars broke into the canteen of FC Cristalboys and Girls on Sleeuwagen in Merchtem. They stole, among other things, cans of … Read more

Bart and Ellen’s family left everything behind to make a dream come true… (Bruges)

Bart Claeys and Ellen Vantorre with their children Ilena and Vidar. From now on they enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the Rondane National Park in Norway every day. — ©  if Westkerke / Brugge – Bart and Ellen live the Norwegian dream together with their two children. The family moved to Norway a few months … Read more

Oblivion with major consequences: contractor forgets one formula… (Kortrijk)

The cyclist bridge, next to the existing bridge, may not be used for the time being. — © Ludo Ostijn Bissegem – On November 8, the bridge over the Leie in the Overzetweg in Bissegem would be closed. That will not happen. The demolition works have been postponed indefinitely. And all because the contractor did … Read more

UZ Leuven is seeing more and more people in emergency services due to excess… (Leuven)

“In eighty percent of all patients, alcohol intoxication is a one-off incident,” says Professor Verelst, head of the Emergency Department of UZ Leuven. “The other twenty percent is responsible for half of all alcohol intoxications.” Leuven – The number of patients who end up in the Leuven emergency services with alcohol intoxication has increased by … Read more

Hallucinatory images of car on bridge raise questions (Leuven)

New images surfaced: car ends up on the roof after an accident on the bridge on the Vaart. — © ROBtv They are hallucinatory images: a small red family car that is stuck on a bridge in Leuven, which slowly turns upwards. The family in the car is terrified, until the car suddenly slides down … Read more

After closing Gullegem school, what about the other school… (Kortrijk)

Quarantaineklassen at will © Frank de Roo South West Flanders – Corona figures are starting to swing out of the pan again. In Gullegem, it already resulted in the closure of primary school De Gulleboom after more than a hundred positive cases. Elsewhere, too, there are many schools where classes have to be quarantined. An … Read more